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Cultural importation.

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Dear Ex-Pat Community,

Many publications, such as International Dining, have presented numerous articles about interesting topics such as importing recipes and menu ideas from foreign lands into places like Panama. The question is, if you are going to try to bring items like, say, Mexican food into your diet while being a guest in Panama, are you going to do it right? Let's say that you've decided to spice-up your diet with, say, chilis rellenos. Do you have the right ... stuffing? It takes a lot of hard work and preparation and planning to ensure that you've got the right stuffing, otherwise you might have to send those chilis rellenos right back where they came from! Many gringos have attempted to prepare chilis rellenos with the Wrong Stuffing, and have had to just throw the whole thing right into the basura! Sad! All because they didn't have the right stuffing! Publications like International Dining don't even mention the fact that the right stuffing is crucial -- they just go ahead and promise that any old ordinary day-to-day stuffing will work, and this just leads to all kinds of misinformed gringos with the wrong stuffing winding-up disappointed and annoyed -- because they didn't do their research. If you don't have the right stuffing, you have no one to blame but yourself, and you should hang your head in shame. These cold, hard truths don't apply only to chilis rellenos, but to tacos, burritos, enchiladas, -- even tostadas!! You'd better believe it!

Fortunately, there are well-prepared individuals that have All the Answers, and for the right price, you can learn all about the Right Stuffing.

Just send us $9.99 Balboas, and we'll send you a comprehensive manifesto about learning the Right Stuffing, understanding how to obtain all the ingredients of the Right Stuffing, preparing the Right Stuffing correctly, and enjoying the Right Stuffing better than your ignorant gringo neighbors. Your chilis rellenos will be the best in all of Chiriqui Province! 

Remember the "Seven P's" -- and don't forget the $9.99 Balboas.


Humble words of wisdom from The Compound,



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