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Cold Front affects agricultural production in the province of Chiriqui

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Cold Front affects agricultural production in the province of Chiriqui

AFFECTATIONS to greenhouses of producers and falling trees on power lines and access roads of producers are some of the damage..


Damages to greenhouses of producers and falling trees in power lines and roads of producers are some of the damage left from the cold front that is recorded in the province of Chiriqui, the regional director of Civil Protection (SINAPROC), Francisco Santamaría, confirmed today, Tuesday,

In the productive areas of Boquete and Chiriqui Highlands, in the district of Volcan and Cerro Punta, in the district of Bugaba, there have been reports of damages to greenhouses because of the strong winds that ihave been recorded, said the official.

In addition, it is reported that the falling of trees on power lines at different points in the province of Chiriqui has left some of the population without power.

The most affected by this phenomenon are recorded in the district of Boquete and David, according to the competent authorities, which has caused the company responsible for restoring the electric current to face this problem.

Yilka Aguirre, director of the Ministry of the Environment in the province of Chiriqui, ensures that stays closed the entrance to the Baru Volcano National Park until the adjournment of the prevention by the cold front, recalling that the day Monday were evacuated more than 260 tourists for security reasons, due to the low temperatures, rainfall and strong breezes.

The mayor of the district of Boquete, Emigdio Vasquez, confirmed that while the intensity of rainfall has reduced, low temperatures are being recorded in this tourism sector in the province of Chiriqui, where the climate is expected to improve in the next two days.

He added that the major incidents by the cold front were recorded in the districts of El Salto, Jaramillo, Palmira and Los Naranjos, where several greenhouses have been affected and there has been falling trees on roads of production, where the producers themselves have taken the initiative to clear the roads.


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