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Falling Pine Tree Crushes a Man in Boquete

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Indigenous person Crushed by Pine Tree in Boquete

Este hecho ocurrió la tarde de ayer, cuando Marcelino se dirigía hacia su casa en Cerro Gavilán. Elmer Quintero | El Siglo

Marcelino Santo Flores, a man of indigenous descent, died tragically in the afternoon hours of yesterday, when the strong breezes that prevailed in the district of Boquete, in Chiriqui, caused the fall of a huge pine tree.

The victim was headed toward his residence with his wife Petita Santo Salina, 50 years of age.

Suddenly, the strong breeze, made that the pine come down.

Petita managed to run, but her husband did not get out of the way in time and was crushed.

Santo Flores was born in the community of Cerro Gavilan, next to Llano Tugrí in the Ngäbe Buglé comarca, but worked in the sector of Boquete.

To place the body of paramedics arrived firefighters, who ruled the death of this man.

Marcellin wore a green sweater and trousers chocolate with black shoes, was not carrying identification personal identity.

In the midst of the pain and the dismay at what happened, his wife said that they had a child of 22 years of age.

The Licensed Gisselle Acosta, municipal ombudsman of Boquete, conducted the diligence of the uprising of the corpse in conjunction with Criminology and the DIJ.

His body was sent to the 4:25 pm to the judicial morgue, to perform the relevant procedures.


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