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I sent a PM to Bud a few days ago stating I was having very slow downloads on this site especially when I click on new activity. He said as far as he knew at his end everything looks fine. 

We can easily log onto any other sites on the internet and our speed is normal. But CL  is running very sluggish for us...are we the only ones?



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TwoSailors did inquire whether CL was having difficulty. We appreciate the manner in which they are trying to resolve a CL response time issue.

If any other CL members are experiencing slow response times, and especially where other visited websites appear to be fast, please let us know. You can either post a reply here or send an email to support@chiriqui.life. We would also need to know who your servicing ISP is.

For any having this kind of problem, we are sorry that you are being impacted, and will do what we can to resolve the issue pronto.

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Speed to a particular website can be effected by many things.   To help track down where the problem is occurring you can take the following steps:

1.  Try going to the slow website using a different web browser.   Compare Firefox Mozilla with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.    If only one is slow, then the issue can likely be corrected by cleaning/dump the cache.   Rather than trying to figure out how to delete the cache of the web browser you are using, I recommend downloading the free version of Ccleaner.  Install and run the program, clicking on Analyze and then Clean.   That will delete the cache and temporary files.   This often speeds up web browsing that has gotten slow on a particular site or even in general.  This is always a good first step, along with restarting your computer as it refreshes everything.

2.  If the website is slow across all the browsers, the next step is to eliminate the computer as the cause.   To do this, go to the website using a different computer, or a tablet or phone.   If the other devices are quick, then the issue is with the computer and not the websites.

3.  If multiple devices in the same house are slow for a particular website, the cause is one of three things.   It is either with the Internet Service Provider, the path between you and the website or else with the website itself.     The fact that other sites are not slow helps eliminate the ISP as the problem.    Once you have eliminated everything above, you are left with the path between you and the particular website or else the website itself.

One cause for a particular website to be slow while others are not is the route your computer takes to get there.    This is determined by something called a DNS server.   Your computer asks the DNS server where a particular website is located out on the Internet so it can begin the journey to get you there.    Most people are setup to use the DNS server provided by their Internet Service Provider.    However, services such as Unlocator and VPN's will change the DNS server that  is used.   Therefore, a computer that is setup to use Unlocator (or similar service) can be slow getting to a particular website because it takes a different route to get to the website, often encountering slow downs along the way.

If possible, turn off the VPN or disconnect from services such as Unlocator and check the speed to a particular website that was slow.  Some VPNs have been included in Internet Security software and users may not be aware of it.   If all else fails, it is time for a call to your local computer guy/gal to help track it down.   Most of these types of problems can be easily diagnosed using some additional tools.   

I am not seeing any slow down for the site, however I am not in Panama at the moment.   Hope these tips help...  if not, contact me directly.



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Glad to hear that TwoSailors got their slow response issue resolved.

And thanks to TwinWolf for providing really good background about and recommendations for ways to move forward.

Everyone has won here, thanks to TwoSailors for asking, and TwinWolf for his excellent help.

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