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International Day of the Disabled in Chiriqui

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International Day of the Disabled in Chiriqui

Video thumbnail for Centenares de personas con discapacidad conmemoran su día en Chiriquí

More than 400 people with disabilities participated in the morning on Saturday of the great coexistence organised by associations of persons with disabilities in the province of Chiriqui, in commemoration of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, today 3 December.

Maryori Chen, President of the associative groups of people with disabilities in the province of Chiriqui, took advantage of the occasion to make a call to society in general to the private company and the National Government to become more involved in the issue of disability and provide more support for there to be a true inclusion.

The governor of the province of Chiriqui, Hugo Méndez, stressed that the Government has the commitment to ensure that there is a true equality of conditions of persons with disabilities in the social and labor fields, because they are human beings with great potential who also want to contribute to the development of the country.

Berta Vega, regional director of the National Secretariat of disability (Senadis) in Chiriqui, made a call to society to be in solidarity and more aware respecting the built spaces for persons with disabilities.

In Chiriqui some 45 thousand people have some type of disability, whether of birth, congenital, by accident or disease.



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