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1st Annual Holiday Bazaar for WINOS - November 30th

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Thank you Boquete for joining in ARF’s very first Holiday Gift Bazaar for W.I.N.O.S.


Everything worked in harmony yesterday to give us a delightful afternoon for this fund raising event.  The good weather, fantastic artists, as well as a fabulous raffle gave a wonderful ambiance to the afternoon.  Each and every vendor donated an item to the raffle, for which we are very thankful.

Special thanks to Mike and Heidi Rehm of Mikes Global Grill for hosting our event.  Couldn’t have done it without the two of you and your staff!  And the wine tasting, very nice touch.

And where would a gift bazaar be without some of the best artisans in Boquete, who selflessly donated their time, a percentage of their profits and a raffle item to ARF?  Please know that ARF appreciates everything that you did.

Here is the list of all of the wonderful vendors who participated:


Cynthia Fletcher

Margo Bryant Ahuna

Mystic Colors                                    

Salty Sisters  

Barb Severs                       

Mr. Dog Panama

Linda Comstock-Teel

Heidi Rehm

LeeAnn Osbun

Sunny Summer

La Gran Montana Coffee


JuJu Beads

Los Angeles Arts

Kati Murphy 

Neydi Tom

Marelis Sanchez

Donato Lopez 

Kathy Rutz


And thank you to those persons that donated to the raffle:

Susan Frank

Xenia Jewelry

Pat McGranahan

Yolanda Vega

Germaine Sturtz

Beth Abrahams













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