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Greetings, CL friends,

I hope that all of you will join me for a (virtual) PARTY!

Taking place somewhere/everywhere in the space/time continuum, next Wednesday, November 9th, all day long, we can all raise our glasses and celebrate the indisputable fact that either:

A. The universe that we know and love has been utterly destroyed and we're all going to die; or,

B. The universe will continue to stumble along in its own inimitable fashion, pretty much indifferent to the strivings of we mere humans;

... either possibility a definitive likelihood resulting from whatever  the results of the elections in the United States of America, according to "Experts". Evidently, you can be sure that it will be the biggest thing ever in a million-gazillion years.

Special access passes are available for the select few for only

$9.99 Balboas. See ya there!

Your Specialist here at Reality Tours,




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