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Improvements Announced to Bring More Tourists to Parque Nacional Volcan Baru

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Improvements Announced to Bring More Tourists to Parque Nacional Volcan Baru


In order to better utilize and develop what nature offers without causing any harm, the Government presented this Tuesday, November 1, a "Plan for the Public Use of the Baru Volcano National Park" whose new infrastructure will have a cost of about $750,000.

The Minister of the Environment, Mirei Endara, said that it was important to have instruments with which to guide investments in protected areas as the Volcano Baru. He indicated that the investment in this plan of use will be coordinated with all stakeholders such as the private sector, organizations and environmentalists. "There is a lot of room to grow and much opportunity to create marketing for new green tourist products in hand with the Panama Tourism Authority", he added.

He said that the plan involves training for tourism guides and park guards. And require centers that can offer coffee, baths, sales of coats and articles. "We want the visitor may have a better experience when raising the top and feel confident when performing this adventure," said. For his part, the Minister of the Tourism Authority, Gustavo Him, said that this plan will allow for a better use of Barú Volcano National Park and preserve it properly as a green tourist site, which is one of the places most visited by tourists.

Each year, about 6 thousand tourists carry the Volcano Baru, a figure that would increase with this plan according to the authorities.


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