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Comment: with disclaimer.

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Good morning, All,

Please feel free to ignore this opinion, it may be annoying in that reference to other commentary will be made.

I'd like to address those expats who maintain an interest in the United States of America, even if living in Panama or other countries. I'd also like to address any native residents of those countries who may be interested in the United States of America, its history, its people, or its indisputable influences upon the world we all reside upon. Indeed, I'd like to address ... human beings.

(I'm compelled to mention Sr. Roger Bellido as a stellar example of that specific target audience: a Panamanian gentleman that has demonstrated his own curiosity, wit, and intelligence in his participation in and indisputable contributions to countless discussions pertaining to -- yes, life in general, and, specifically, living in Panama.)

"This is your America." Yet another incendiary commentary has been foisted upon a restive audience, and whatever poisonous agenda being touted has, again, been corrupted by unimaginably hateful rhetoric. To the conveyors of such venom, I say, look deeply into your mirror. Look deeply into your own soul. The hatred that you project upon others is, in truth, hatred of your self. In truth, one cannot love at all if one cannot love one's self. All of the ugliness that you profess to see in others is only the ugliness of your  own being. Learn love. Learn love NOW. Learn love before it is too late. And in the meantime, try your best not to act like a contemptible gnashshoal. 

To my expat friends -- those of you that harbour feelings for these United States -- this is not "your country", this is OUR COUNTRY. All of us. Each and every soul who has a vested interest in our successes -- and our failures. Each of us who is scrambling to survive upon this planet groaning under the weight of seven billion souls. Each of us that wants life and living for our children, and for our children's children. Each of us that has witnessed, with our own eyes, the incredible magic, and the indescribable despair. Each of us. We have a responsibility. Our responsibility is our humanity. Our empathy. Our acceptance of our differences, and our understanding of our commonality.

It's OUR country. It's OUR world. Where we've gotten to is where we ARE. Life goes on within you -- and without you.

Respectfully submitted,


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