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Festival of the Sombrero Pintado or Painted Hat in La Pintada

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A Festival of the jewel of the artesanal country, the popular Painted Hat or Sombrero Pintado, is being held this weekend in the district of La Pintada.

Artisans in some 20 communities in the districts of La Pintada and Penonomé, participate in the event to exhibit their works and sell their art.   


By Law 41 of April of 2001 the 19th of October was declared the day of the Sombrero Pintado, to preserve, highlight and promote the art of clothing. The painted hat is considered to be a jewel of the artisanal clothing typical of Panama.


This Sunday is the Parade of 1000 Painted Sombreros announced to start at 11:00am in the principal streets of the pueblo of La Pintada, near Penonome.


Hats for luxury and work, white, yellow, pinks and painted, colors and furnishings, the range is wide and for all tastes and budgets, worked with the hands of artisans who have learned this work from generation to generation and that saved this ancestral tradition.






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I had to admit, sadly, that I could be a bad panamanian.   

In all my life I have never traveled to those places to be at those festivities.  

I promised my wife that I will be doing more internal tourism in Panama and go to all those interesting places.  Sometimes I feel bad because a lot of expats has visited and travelled to those places more than me.



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