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Help is appreciated!!!!

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Hi all,

ARF is a very small organization in Boquete dedicated to helping the lost, abused, neglected and abandoned animals in our community.  We are in desperate need of fosters for the animals that we try to help and are seeking your assistance.  When you foster for ARF, we cover all expenses - food - medication - vet visits etc.  We just need the support of the community in letting these animals have a place to feel safe and secure for a while until they can find a forever home.

Most of the dogs we rescue test positive for tick fever.  This requires a treatment from anywhere from 15-21 days of medication.  Tick fever is the norm these days for the rescues we have, and I encourage any of you who have dogs to please have your animals blood tested if you do not use tick prevention and research the signs of this deadly virus.  We have been advised by a local vet that Tick Fever is now rampant in Panama.  Please use prevention in the form of Front Line or some other tick deterrent.  There are also natural remedies available.

We recently rescued "Alex" who was hit by a car in front of Ivan's.  Please see his story below:

"Alex was hit by a car on September 29thand wandered over to a nearby house.  These people have generously offered to look after him.  ARF took him to the vet to have his leg examined, and thankfully it was not broken, but a very bad sprain that will take some time to heal.  He was given painkillers, a vitamin shot, de-wormer and anti-biotics as he also has a urinary tract infection.  Alex was the most cooperative patient I have ever seen!  Not even a flinch when he was given his shots and even though this guy must have been feeling miserable and in quite a bit of pain, he still had a very loving and gentle disposition.  Alex is about 2 years old.  We believe he has an owner as he did have a collar on, but no one has come forward as of yet."

If you can help towards Alex's medical expenses, it would be greatly appreciated.  We are trying to keep up with the demands of the animals that need help, but we are really just keeping our heads above the water at this point.  If you would like to donate, please visit out website at are-boquete.com to help.



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