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98th Spay/Neuter Clinic in Volcan

Dottie Atwater

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Every animal counts, but this was the fewest number of animals we sterilized  at a single clinic in a LONG time. It was a disappointing day in that regard.  See http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/98th.html We have now sterilized 3,628 dogs and cats.

We had six last-minute cancelations and 15 no-shows.  Sometimes there are valid reasons  for last-minute cancelations, but when people who have confirmed their appointments  do not show up without bothering to notify us, it is rude and demonstrates disrespect  for the doctor and our volunteers. Those inconsiderate people can bring their animals to  subsequent clinics--but they will not be given appointments. They will be given  a letter - A, B, C, etc., instead of a number and they will have to wait until we have time available for them.

We do keep a list of people who fail to honor their confirmed appointments.


I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to each of our dedicated volunteers. Without them and our wonderful Dr. Andres Tello, these clinics would not be possible. When I remember the scores of starving, mange-ridden and dying dogs roaming the streets in Volcan before we began the clinics in March of 2006, the exponential increase that would have happened is too depressing to consider. 

Our next clinic will be on October 23, 2016. Please call for an appointment right away because the clinics fill up rapidly. And remember, our November clinic on the 20th will be the final one for 2016.

For people who just want to see pictures taken during the clinic without reading the web page, here is the link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/panama_expat/sets/72157672887694950  

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