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Dolega Residents oppose Mayor in Park Remodel

The remodeling of the central park of Dolega, has a number of residents and members of community and social organizations in conflict  with the Mayor Rafael Rivera, considering that their concerns have not been taken into account.

Ernesto Cubilla, of the Colibri environmentalist organization, stated that the municipality aims to build a park where the central square would disappear, something that they do not accept, because this is a place used by many groups for their outdoor activities.
For Rosa Uribe, another of the spokespersons of the civil society of Dolega, they have already submitted the plans to build a new park, that makes it possible to respect their designs of yesteryear and that in addition it appropriate to the current times.
For complainants, the idea of restructuring the park is not bad and they are not opposed, but it must be done in the face of population and without affecting the distinctive style of the village, in addition that the field is a historical heritage of the district.
"We need that in addition to the park is to settle other serious problems on the sports fields, roads and other municipal infrastructure," said Delia Angulo, another of the residents of Dolega.
In both, the mayor indicated that are seven individuals who were opposed on the grounds that the place is a colonial area, when at the town hall are certified by the National Institute of Culture (INAC) that the place is not the historical heritage of the district.
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