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Boquete Video Festival -- Get Creative

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Hi everybody, my profile says I'm a Newbie, and that's a great thing to be! Newbies see everything with wide eyed wonder and wild eyed adventure. Moving to Boquete gave me that Newbie feeling again, a feeling I want to last forever. 

One of the great things about the Boquete Video Festival 2017 is that it gives everyone a chance to be a Newbie, whether you shot video for a living in your past life, or you've never shot a second of cell phone video before. 

Everyone who enters, will get the workshop that teaches you the skills you need to have to make a great short film/video entry and also  the kind of Facebook posts your friends and family will always watch all the way to the end. 

Come see us at the Tuesday Market or Casa de Montana, and register to make a video! Only 10 Balboas!



PS. I might even have some forms with me at "Whose Wine is it Anyway?" improv Saturday nights at La Villa/ BCP (5 to 7pm)  

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When you sign up to take part in the Boquete Video Festival 2017, we'll teach you hacks, such as making a table top tripod out of a plastic bottle or a steadicam out of a selfie stick! Come to the Tuesday Market and register to make your short video! The last day to register is November 1 and the first workshop is also November !   


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Ladies and Gentlemen, Damas y Caballeros, Chicas y Chicos, Tuesday Market gives you one more easy opportunity to buy tickets to see what fabulous short films your fellow Boquetenos have created, on the big screen! 
 The Glitz! The Glamour! The Papparazzi! The Champaign!
The Red Carpet!
You can also Drop by 
Or, give me a pm and I'll help you out!

And, by the way, This is also the last time to get one of the delightful T-shirts as shown here by our lovely model!

And P.S. Get your raffle tickets for the AMAZING gift basket!

Gala flyer.jpg

11-21-2016-9999_32 copy.jpg

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