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Third Day of Search for 5-Year Old Child

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This child was literally swept away with the trash. Severe flooding in the area was caused by garbage blocking waterways.

Search Reactivated for the third day for the child who disappeared in San Miguelito

Video thumbnail for Desesperación por menor desaparecido en San Miguelito

For the third consecutive day the Joint Task Force (FTC) reactivates this Tuesday 13 September, the search for the lowest that disappeared when he was dragged by the rising of a ravine in San Miguelito last Sunday.

Yesterday Monday after a day of work, which began at 6 a.m. and that culminated after 6:00 p.m., no results were obtained.

The director of the National System of Civil Protection (SINAPROC), who heads the operational, reported that they will not rest until they find the less than five years.

This fact remains to the next of kin of the child in suspense, due to that still keep the hope that is with life.

All this happened last Sunday, when the product of the strong rains, the quebrada Nazareno rose and the child, who was with two other minors, was dragged by the current.

The neighbors of the sector were only able to save the other two children who were with him.

Since that day, the FTC has not ceased to look for the minor and have already done tours by several rivers, where they could have reached the lowest.

It is planned to use a boat when the tide comes in order to make the monitoring in some areas.

The quebrada Nazareno passes through the community of Sugar Loaf, the Great Station, down the river and Panama Viejo


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Body of missing child found near Taboga

Authorities found the body of a child Tuesday morning off the coast of Tobago who had gone missing Sunday.

The youth had swept away by floodwaters while walking next to the Fatima Stream in San Miguelito.

The child's body was floating near the island. It was spotted at 8 a.m. by a boater.

A patrol boatd from the aeronaval authority Senan went to the site and retrieved the body. It was taken to the patrol station at Brisas de Amador.

Senan Commissioner Joe Laneado reported that family members identified the body as that of the missing child.


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