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Restructuring of IDAAN Water/Sewer Utility

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Arango presents law to restructure Idaan

Gustavo A. Aparicio O. 12 sep 2016 - 09:21h

Temas: Asamblea Nacional Idaan (instituto De Acueductos Y Alcantarillados Nacionales) Juan Carlos Arango Alvaro Alemán

Partido Popular (PP) Deputy Juan Carlos Arango presented a proposal to the National Assembly that seeks to restructure the water and sewer agency Idaan.

The changes would give the agency's Board of Directors the ability to make adjustments of rates and set fees for excessive consumption.

According to Arango, the changes would reduce consumption to prevent shortages.

Minister of the Presidency Alvaro Aleman said that this is a theme of great importance but there needs to be consultations with those impacted, including Idaan itself.

It will be discussed by the Committee on Work, Health and Social Development.

Arango said his proposed changes would give the authority greater financial independence, which would lead to better service and less reliance on government for funding.

He said too much revenue is lost due to overuse and non-payment of bills.

"If you use less, you should pay less," he said. 


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