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26 Cases of Sexual Abuse of Minors in Chiriqui



Some 26 cases of sexual abuse of minors have been detected up to the month of August (2016) in the province of Chiriqui by the Ministry of Social Development (Mides), which have been committed by close relatives, and/or friends within the social environment where they live, assure the authorities.

Anayansi Diaz, regional director of the Ministry of Social Development, assures that there is concern about the incidence of cases of sexual abuse of minors, since everything indicates that this year is going to exceed the 31 cases that were recorded in the last year (2015) in the province of Chiriqui.

Diaz said that many of the cases are detected in the educational centers, where the attitude of children acts as an alert to the educators who report to the Ministry who can detect these cases of sexual abuse.

Mavis Castilo, psychologist in the center for guidance and Comprehensive Care of the Ministry of Social Development, notes that there are not only cases of abuse of men to minors, but that have been detected in some cases of women who have been sexually abused children, which is worrying.

Notes that the past year, of the 31 cases of abuses that were detected, all were reported to the authorities of the Public Ministry and brought to the attention of the National Secretariat for Children and Adolescents, it is the institution that has to ensure the safety of children and girls.

However, out of a total of 31 cases, 17 children were referred to family placement (*special centers located in the province of Chiriqui), in order to safeguard their integrity.

The psychologist says that this year (2016) van 26 cases, which is working with the team in the care of children, it is appropriate to give legal advice and assistance to the child.


17 minors have been referred to family placement to ensure their safety while investigations are carried out.


* Casa Hogar Trisker on the Via Boquete is one of these sites



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