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Indigenous Person Killed near Bajo Boquete Bar

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Indigenous Person Killed near Bajo Boquete Bar

A citizen with the name Joel Alexis Santos, 22 years of age, with indigenous features, was found dead on the banks of the Caldera river in the middle of a weedy area next to a bar, on Sunday morning, in the district of Boquete, in the province of Chiriqui, with stab wounds.


The finding was, according to the first reports, when other people who apparently hours before the fact had accompanied him drinking liquor, found the body thrown about 80 meters from the bar area known as La Gallera in the sector of Bajo Boquete.

The body bore at least some two wounds with a sharp object and was found face up, it is presumed that he was under the effects of alcohol, the motive of theft has not been dismissed.

The National Police who initially came to the place to attend gave notice to the authorities of Criminology and the Legal Status of Boquete, which made the lifting of the body to be sent to the judicial morgue in David and carry out the examination of autopsy to determine the true causes of death of indigenous citizen.

The population has denounced this area for years as in this area there is a great amount of bars where fights start daily, mainly by indigenous, as well as some thefts to these people, taking advantage that are maintained on a daily basis under the effects of alcohol.

With the death of this citizen is raised to 25 victims of homicide in Chiriqui province in the year 2016.


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We will close the *CHOLO DROME* said the MAYOR OF BOQUETE

The Mayor of Boquete Emigdio Walker Vásquez announced this morning on Radio Chiriqui on the program of the Office of the Mayor of Boquete; he is looking together with the 6 Honorable Representatives of Boquete and in conjunction with the legal department, to close very soon the area of *Cholo Drome* or better known as the *Gallera in Boquete*.

"We do not want more Ngabe aboriginals dead and we seek peace for our residents Boqueteños, and for tourism which is a factor in development for all, and also the Ngabe Boqueteños residing in the district of Boquete", stressed the mayor.

Our Ngäbe brothers have been with us since the beginning of the district and move forward with them creating social reintegration program to ensure that the cultural and economic contribution more effective and attraction for our district with economic inputs for their families; pointed out the highest authority of the district Boqueteño.

Public Relations Department


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