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Panama Viejo is an interesting and relaxing place to spend some time when in Panama City.

Located on the east side of the Capital on Via Cincuentenario, and visible from the Corredor Sur on the way to Tocumen .


Telemetro published this story today. http://www.telemetro.com/nacionales/Ruinas-vestigios-historia-Panama-Viejo_0_944005592.html

Panamá Viejo or the Old City of Panama

Ruins and vestiges narrate the story of the 497 years of Panama Viejo


In the middle of the Capital and displaced in a field of 26 hectares are the ruins of some of the most important buildings of the colonial era, as well as the archaeological remains of the pre-Columbian and colonial periods that includes the city of Panama Viejo, that this Monday commemorates 497 years of foundation.

Founded by Pedro Arias Dávila on august 15, 1519, Panama Viejo became the main residence of the elite in the Mainland, as well as the headquarters of the representatives of the Crown and of the administrative apparatus of the local church, the two great pillars of the colonial society. The site is located within the modern city of Panama, between the mouths of the rivers Algarrobo and down, in front of the coasts of the Pacific Ocean in the section more narrow isthmus.

In its origins the first city of the Isthmus was built for the expeditions of conquest that were going to South America, but its strategic role as the axis of one of the most important commercial routes of the time placed the city in a privileged position and marked since then its target as territory at the service of the international transit. The city was destroyed by the pirate Henry Morgan in 1671, which led to the relocation of the activities of the city to the Old Town.

On 5 July 2003 UNESCO included the Archaeological Site of Panamá Viejo in the World Heritage List as an extension of the Historic District of Panama.


An excellent way to learn more about the history of the first city of Panama, is through a guided tour of the Historic Monuments of Old Panama, where the old and finished structures still standing are those who tell of original shape everything that happened in the place.


The museum

Also has a visitor center where people can get to know the Museum with archaeological pieces found in the site, that correspond to the prehispanic periods and Hispanic of our national history. During the visit we appreciate objects that speak of the daily life of the first settlers of this territory, as well as the cultural life, commercial, religious and social of those who lived in the colonial period.

In the museum you can see a permanent exhibition entitled "From the village to the Urbe" that exposes the heritage values of the archaeological site of Panama Viejo, from its most ancient human occupation, more than a thousand years ago, until the colonial era. Similarly in the ground floor of the building are temporary exhibitions that through variety of resources and supports museographic tell stories that are part of the evolution of the world.

Approximately two hours is what it takes to make the journey through the Site Museum and the Archaeological Park, however visitors can enjoy the place the time you like, as long as it is within the time of operation. For the comfort of visitors the site administration account with an internal transport for the cost of a balboa.

To plan your visit to the Monumental Complex of Historical Panama Viejo you must know that the schedule to the public is from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Admission rates for nationals



Conjunto Monumental

Museo y Conjunto Monumental













Estudiantes universitarios con carné




Estudiantes hasta los 8 años




Estudiantes mayores de 8 años




Admission Rates for Extranjeros









Estudiantes universitarios con carné


In order to enjoy the visit The Board recommends using comfortable clothes, shoes or slippers to walk on land and limestone, hat, in addition to water or hydrating beverages, overgarment or umbrella and antimosquito repellent.

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