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Over the past several months, a couple of people have mentioned Burricos Mexican Grill (that is the official name) in Volcán. One of those references is from Hil's blog at: http://www.chiriqui.life/blogs/entry/151-water-buffalo/#comment-254. We put that restaurant on our "to do" list because we do like Mexican food. (I'm from Texas; need I say more?)

We finally made it to Burricos yesterday. What a pleasant surprise. We agree with the recommendations from others. It is worth the trip. We also stopped by to visit with Dottie Atwater, who runs the spay/neuter clinics there in Volcán.

The food was great, served quickly (and the correct items). Not the same as Tex-Mex, but good vittles.

Burricos is located in the northern part of Volcán. When you are at the "Y" in the road (Cerro Punto going off the right), just keep going straight. Probably about a KM or a bit less to the right. Burricos is in the same building as Hotel Don Tavo. Some of the pictures provided below show the outside, as well as all of the contact information. Our wait person was Karent, and she immediately had us pegged as Boqueteños. She tried out her English with us, but things worked better in Spanish.

Here are some pictures taken while at Burricos.

2016-08-07 13.25.47.jpg


2016-08-07 14.17.32.jpg















2016-08-07 14.24.34.jpg


2016-08-07 13.26.00.jpg












2016-08-07 14.12.13.jpg















2016-08-07 15.41.42.jpg

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