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A Good Experience at Restaurante La Casa del Cuzco

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Marcelyn and I had dinner last night with friends at one of the Peruvian restaurants here in Boquete -- Restaurante La Casa del Cuzco. It is located just across the small bridge west of Plaza Los Establos.

The menu was extensive, with a LOT of fish related items. First we had drinks and chicken fingers as appetizers. Our friends ordered fish entrees, and we ordered a "chicken princess" plate. Service was very attentive, food was excellent with good seasonings, and prices were reasonable. The only down side of the evening was the noise level, as there were other tables occupied with chatting guests. I guess we contributed to the noise level as well, because we did a lot of chatting ourselves during our 2+ hour gathering with good friends. We were inside the restaurant, not on the outdoor patio area.

This dining experience was a pleasant surprise.

We plan to go back.

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We had dinner there last night as well. Guess we contributed to that noise level! :) Two couples with Gustazos coupons. We had 6 different appetizers and an entree ..the grilled octopus being a hit. Great Pisco sours and service and a nice variety of items on the menu. As MarieElaine mentioned they have  great lunch specials. We will be back!

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