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Resistance is Futile!! - Exciting Seminar on Change

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Working WITH Change in Our Life  -- 2 DAY SEMINAR

August 2nd and 4th at the Haven Spa

Change is constant, but we often resist it, making judgments as to whether we think change is good or bad. Sometimes we just try and ignore change all together. This only leads to struggle and suffering. It’s time to stop the madness!


By understanding how to work with change, all of the challenges we face can be accepted and worked with in a meaningful and positive way.


This two-day seminar will help you understand the process for positive change and give you specific tools that help you to recognize, accept and work with all of the changes you face in life.


The seminar will include a detailed workbook from which essential information will be provided. There will also be frequent experiential and break-out sessions where participants can practice and share the key points of adapting positively to change.

This seminar location is at The Haven, known for its focus on natural beauty and tranquility. Both days begin promptly at 9am and end at 4pm. An $85 donation for the two days is gratefully accepted.  This is a small class so I are limited to 10 participants. Please bring a sack lunch both days.

 To register or for additional information regarding this exciting and meaningful seminar please contact Merl Will-Wallace at 6534-5008 or via email at merl@counselingfortransition.com . Hurry, registration closes this Friday.

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