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La Amistad International Park: Panama park risks de-listing as heritage site

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Panama park risks de-listing as heritage site

Posted on July 10, 2016 in Panama, Panama

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ANOTHER  Panama treasure , designated as a World Heritage by the United Nations body Unesco,  is in  danger of losing the prestigious labeling.

The status of La Amistad International Park, located between Panama and Costa Rica, will be evaluated by a team from Unesco at a meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. The deliberations began Sunday, July 10.

Among the issues being examined are the lack of an environmental management plan and the impact of livestock and agriculture.

These issues will be presented in a report by a mission from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), a Unesco advisory body.

In this assessment, it suggested that the park be included on the list of threatened world heritage sites. This would be the second heritage site in Panama to be placed on the list, with the first being the forts at Portobelo and San Lorenzo.

The IUCN report stated that the management of the protected area “has not improved” and said there is a lack of funding to ensure its conservation.

A delegation from Panama led by officials from the Ministry of the Environment is attending  the meeting.


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This is good news for Panama, and especially for La Amistad Park in particular.

I highlighted one sentence in this press release below, and note with high interest the date and location of the UNESCO meeting that made this decision. Unfolding world events now document a military coup attempt (still ongoing) in Turkey. The UNESCO decision was in Istanbul on Thursday and then 24 hours later a military coup in Istanbul and Ankara. The world truly is interconnected.



La Amistad Park escapes Unesco “endangered” listing

Posted on July 15, 2016 in Latin America, Panama

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LA AMISTAD International Park located between Costa Rica and Panama has escaped, at least for now, being listed on the UNESCO  list of endangered sites.

The Unesco World Heritage Committee reached the decision on Thursday, July 14 at a meeting in Istanbul, Turkey,

Cabana, Los Quetzales near La Amistad National Park

Cabana, Los Quetzales near La Amistad National Park

The park has been threatened by unregulated development.Ddelegations from both Panama and Costa Rica testified that advances have been made in protecting the park.

Unesco set a date of 2018 for both countries to show continued progress in protecting the park.

In addition, the Unesco committee congratulated Panama and Costa Rica for their efforts in complying with their recommendations about protecting the park.


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