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REPOST - Best Hernia Specialist in Chiriqui

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Greetings Group,

Okay, we're changing things up a bit.  I am looking for contact information for the best hernia surgeon in Chiriqui.   I welcome any and all recommendations, experiences, of yourselves and others that you know.  If you were to have surgery for a hernia today, who would you want for your surgeon???

Thank you once again for your warm reception, and if you are ever on Ruta Sur, heading to/from Boquete to/from Volcan, stop by Lita's Hostal, located near Cuesta de Piedra, and say "hey".

Kind Regards,


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See the original posting by FredTejan on this same topic. That topic is found at: http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/2770-in-need-of-hernia-operation/, but you will not be able to reply there. The originator has decided to take a different approach to his healthcare needs. It is not appropriate to merge the two topics, even though they are closely related.

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