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Recommendations for a container shipping company

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We had a very good experience shipping our 40-foot container from Reno, Nevada to Boquete.

We used and recommend Rainier Overseas Services, based in Seattle. Doug Wiviott is the go-to guy there, and they work with Brent Snedeker, here in Boquete to smooth the receiving end and handle all customs issues. Brent was very careful with the unloading and re-assembling of furniture and stuff.

Try doug@raineros.com or bbmovingservice@gmail.com (for Brent, probably the best place to start).

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I also contracted with Rainier Overseas Services to ship my 40-foot container of household goods from Portland, Oregon to Boquete. Caridad Aguilar in Panama City was the freight forwarder used by Rainier Overseas Servives. 

Caridad@PTYPackers.com is the e-mail for the Panama group; (507) 230-3092 or cell 6617-8581

Excellent job and coordinated effort by both organizations. Picked-up goods from my home in Oregon and everything delivered in perfect condition and hand placed in my designated location in house here in Boquete.

Fair prices and personal attention to every detail. 

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