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Help a horse stuck in the mud

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I am looking for a pasture for a horse that is in a firld so small that not a single blade of grass grows. He stays in his shed most of the time and comes out for feeding. I was told that the owner has tried to give the horse away but no one wants an old nearly wild horse. When I was here two years ago I did some work with the horse and was able to make some pretty rapid progress with him. At first he would try to bite anyone who came close to him including me. In one months time I was able to be in the field with him, back him, do a little lunging (not much room for this) and lay on his back for short periods.So I think I can get him rideable and then maybe someone would want him. I will go down to the equestrian center tomorrow and talk to them. Probably need the field fence (I can do fence repairs) and if it had cover the horse to out of the rain that would be awesome but if not I can build a temp one.  I also need to transport him. Thanks Dave

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