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Opening of new Panama Canal/ tickets on sale


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Two Sailors


They will be for free.  They wont be sold.  So if any of you would like to attend you may need to do the long lines for receiving one ticket.  It will be given one ticket per person.  If you plan to go with your family every member of the family should attend and pick up their ticket.



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More than 4 million dollars has been allocated for the ceremony of inauguration of the expansion of the Panama Canal, as the organizers of the Authority of the Panama Canal and Ministry of Foreign Affairs have indicated.

So far, only 10 heads of State of the 70 that were extended the invitation have confirmed in writing their attendance at the opening ceremony. Among those who have confirmed are leaders of Kosovo, the Prime Minister of Portugal, Chile, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Taiwan and Jamaica.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luis Miguel Hincapié, yesterday said at a press conference, giving details of the inauguration, that former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, canceled his attendance at the ceremony because of agenda contraints; however, he noted that invitations have been sent to several authorities of that country.

United States is the first user of the Panama Canal, followed by China, however, both countries have not yet confirmed their attendance.

Mr. Hincapie said that some countries will not have a presidential representation, but will send commission.

He indicated that this situation occurs, because Presidents need to be invited with long time in advance, and it was only recently that the date of inauguration was confirmed.

He stressed that According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a dinner for the leaders and special guests has been organized, wich will count on with the participation of about 300 people and will cost more than 300 thousand dollars. A cocktail has also been planned at a cost of 535 thousaned dollaras, for which the participation of 3,000 people is expected.

They are also in charge of the transfer, lodging, for both State leaders and delegations. In the provice capitals, some activities so all Panamanians can participate in the event has been organized, which will have a cost of approximately 300 thousand dollars.

According to the Authority of the Canal of Panama (ACP), they have a budget of $ 3 million, at the moment, for the activity.

Mario Gotti, organizer of the inauguration activity on the part of the ACP, indicated that Panamanians have five ways to participate and be witnesses of history.

For this purpose, there will be celebrations in the provinces, also they may follow, through social networks,  the live transmission of the transit of the vessel that will last approximately between 10 and 12 hours then there will also be tours thorigh the new locks as well as they may also participate in the event in person.

He said that on June 11, the ACP will begin delivery of 5,000 tickets in the Atlantic area to attend the opening ceremony in the locks of Agua Clara.

On 12 June 15 thousand tickets in different points of the capital city will be distributed so that the general public is able to attend the ceremony in the Cocoli locks.

In Colon, the tickets will be distributed in the Armando Dely Valdés Stadium. Meanwhile, in Panama City they will be distributed in the Rod Carew Stadium, Rommel Fernández and Albrook Mall.



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