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New Regulations in Panama on Use of Drones

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Posting this on CL because we have some Boqueteño friends into drones and quadra-copters, etc.



Panama: Regulations on Use of Drones

As part of the requirements of the new standard, all drones circulating in the country must be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Resolution No. 120/DSA/DJ/DG/AAC:

No operator of an RPA, may perform operations with manned aircraft from a distance according to this Aeronautics Standard, unless they hold a valid Certificate of Operation for an Operator of an unmanned aircraft issued by the CAA, and in accordance with the provisions of the aviation regulations.

The Certificate of Operation, authorizes the operator to conduct operations with unmanned aircraft, under specified conditions and limitations; The AAC recognizes as valid any Certificate of Operation held by an operator that has been issued by another ICAO Contracting State provided that the requirements under which this certificate has been granted are at least equal to those required by the CAA or are based on an agreement of reciprocity; and the AAC will establish a system for both the certification and for continuous monitoring, in order to permanently monitor the Operators holding a Certificate of Operation, in order to ensure that the quality of compliance with the requirements that gave rise to the granting of a Certificate of Operation are maintained. "

See Standard AAC / DSA / DG-01-16 by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Here is the link to the article: http://www.centralamericadata.com/en/article/main/Panama_Regulations_on_Use_of_Drones


P.S., As an aside, here I am half-owner of this website, and I had difficulty figuring out which forum to post this in. Simplify things, simplify things!!! It shouldn't be this difficult.  O.o  :|

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