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Prostate patient received hip surgery

Posted 25/01/2024

A patient who was due to undergo prostate surgery at the Dr. Arnulfo Arias Madrid Hospital Complex was mistakenly subjected to hip surgery.

After the surgery in the Operating Room, the surgeons later realized that they had the wrong patient.

The patient, originally assigned to the Urology service for prostate surgery, was mistakenly admitted to the Orthopedics operating room.

Internal sources indicate that the error was discovered thanks to the observation of other non-medical personnel present in the operating room.

A medical audit is underway on the case, in which the controls failed. It was indicated that the CSS will inform the population and take the appropriate measures.


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All doctors will at one time or another make mistakes...same with nurses.  That is exactly why every patient needs to come into the office well prepared and then leave and get a second opinion.   You need to be watchful when the hospital nurse hands you your medicines and know what each one is for along with side effects.  This should not involve rocket science. 

Alison Brundage Retired R.N. of 50 yrs practice

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