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Beautiful antique Myanmar tapestry wall hanging

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For sale at the thrift store of the Handicap Foundation…..

An exquisite embroidered tapestry wall hanging from Myanmar (Burma). This traditional work of vintage textile art is called a Kalaga, and is made entirely by hand. The scenes depicted are inspired by Buddhist mythology.

Kalaga wall decorations are intricately embroidered using metallic thread, sequins, beads and glittery stones and take months to complete.

The figures are decorated with sequins and raised by stuffing them with cotton or other material, giving them a quilted appearance and adding a three dimensional effect.

The size of this exquisite Kalaga is  5 ‘7” wide and 4”long. It was probably made around the middle of the 19th century.


Some lucky person can purchase this from the Boquete Handicap Foundation for $250 and they will know that their money will be used to help the most unfortunate ones in our community.




















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