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New Restuarant "Lounge 23" ( Old Vale Tapas Y Mas)

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Gerrado the former owner of the Original "Sandwhich Factory" has opened this restaurant. He also owns, " Cloud Forest Tours" in Boquete. He is a local resident. College educated and speaks English fluently. And, he has been in business many years in Boquete. His family are original Boquetenos. Give this food a try. You be the judge!!

Located just North of La Posada on right about a quarter of a mile. Restuarant has a glass front you can't miss it.

The menu is after all the photos.



















IMG-20230201-WA0021 (1).jpg



Entradas / Appetizers
Ceviche de Pescado con Maracuyá / Fish Ceviche with Passion Fruit $7.00
Crema del Dia / Cream of the Day $6.00
Camarones Apankados / Panko Covered Fried Shrimps $10.50
Ensalada 23 / Lounge 23 Salad (garden salad) $9.75
Quesadillas / Cheese Quesadillas $9.75
Empanaditas de Pollo y Carne / Chicken or Beef Empanaditas $7.00
Tabla de tapas mixtas / Cold Cuts and Cheeses Table $13.50
Gyosas de Pollo, Cerdo o Vegetales / Pork, Chicken or Veggies Dumplings $8.50
Alitas Buffalo o BBQ / BBQ or Buffalo Chicken Wings $10.00
Wraps o Emparedados o Ensaladas / Sandwiches or Wraps or Salads
Pollo / Chicken $8.00
Camarones / Shrimps $12.00
Filete de Res / Beef Tenderloin $9.00
Pescado / Fish Fillet $11.00
Pavo / Turkey $9.00
Caprese / Basil+Tomato+Mozarella $8.00
Vegetales Mixtos / Ratatouille $9.00
Quesos Mixtos / Mixed Cheeses $8.50
Salmon Ahumado / Smoked Salmon $13.50
Hamburguesa Clasica 23/ Clasic Cheese Burger 23 $11.50
Platos Fuertes / Main Dishes
Filete de Res en Salsa de Pimienta / Beef Tenderloin in Black Pepper sauce. $18.50
Filete Rib Eye / Rib Eye Steak $18.75
Filete New York / New York Steak $18.75
Filete de Trucha en Salsa de Almendras / Trout Fillet in Almond Sauce $19.50
Filete de Salmon / Salmon Fillet $18.00
Filete de Pechuga / Chicken Breast Fillet $13.50
Camarones al Ajillo o Salsa Pomodoro / Garlic or Pomodoro Sauce Shrimps $17.50
Filete de Pescado al ajillo / Fish Fillet in Garlic Sauce $15.50
Pastas / Pastas Fetuccini or Spaghe(Cttai rbonara or Pomodoro or Oleo)
Pollo / Chicken $8.00
Camarones / Shrimps $16.00
Filete de Res / Beef Tenderloin $16.00
Vegetales / Veggies $13.50
Especial de la Casa NGOCCHIS de
papas con Salsa de Trufas y
Hongos frescos / Truffle and Fresh
mushrooms sauce NGOCCHIS
Bebidas / Drinks
Sodas $2.00
Batidos y Licuados / Fresh Fruit Smoothies & Shakes $3.50
Cervezas Nacionales / National Beers $2.00
Cervezas Internacionales / International Beers $4.00
Copa de Vino / Wine Glass $5.00
Agua Embotellada / Water Bottle $1.50 $2.50
Cocteles Clasicos / Classic Coctails $5.50
Cocteles Premium / Premium Cotails $6.50
Reservas/Booking: lounge23bookings@gmail.com. 6676-4777 / abrimos todos los dias de 12:00md a 10:00 pm


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