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Five dogs die and one person injured in fire call

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Five dogs die and one person injured in fire call


Posted 05/11/2022

One person was injured and his five pet dogs died as the result of a fire, in the Los Libertadores sector, district of Betania on Saturday morning.

Firefighters  were called from at least three stations.

The first images of the security entity showed a column of smoke coming out of the upper part of one of the buildings in this sector, near the Ricardo J. Alfaro or Tumba Muerto road.

Emergency teams attended to people affected by the smoke. Due to the fire, the Z-5 building was evacuated.

A preliminary report from the fire department states that a person, who apparently lived on the roof of the building, was injured and was taken to receive medical attention, and the death of five dogs, which apparently were with the person, was confirmed.

Firefighters reported that the building has no structural damage and that investigations have begun to determine the causes of the fire.


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Just this week  we changed the batteries in our kitchen smoke alarm.  WOW.....check yours !   The tendency is to remove the dead battery when the beeping of the battery status starts.........then forget.  WOW.....check your smoke alarm.  Now we are going to buy a fire extinguisher. 


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