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The Central American Bank and Korea approve a loan of $600 million USD to complete Line 3 of the Panama Metro.


August 12, 2022

The Central American Bank and the Republic of Korea approve a loan of $600 million to improve the public transport system in the districts of Arraiján and La Chorrera.

With the development of the technical studies that derive from this cooperation, it is expected to provide Metro de Panamá S.A. with an analysis of the public transport system, the estimation of the supply and demand of passenger transport in the area of influence of Line 3 of the Metro; as well as the Design of the Integrated Public Transport Network.

Likewise, the review of the legal frameworks, policies and regulations will be carried out, as well as a financial and economic analysis to determine the feasibility of restructuring the public bus transport system according to the demand, operation and maintenance scenarios.

This cooperation seeks to support increasing the general mobility of the population, provide a comprehensive vision for the development of an integrated public transport system and a road map for its implementation, including Metro Line 3 as the backbone complemented by a modernized bus system with greater service capacities.


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Metro Line Three is 32% complete


Posted 20/01/2023

Metro line 3, including the tunnel that will pass under the Panama Canal watershed, required eight environmental impact studies says the director of Projects and Planning of the Panama Metro, Agustín Arias Arias who told La Prensa that line 3 is currently 32% complete, while in the case of the tunnel, through which the line will pass,  100 studies have been carried out in 100 points, through which the subway would pass.

One of them consisted of the extraction of samples of materials through which the tunnel would pass, in order to provide the information to the designer of the tunnel boring machine that should arrive in July of this year.

Once the TBM arrives in the country, it must be assembled in a period of four months and then, at the beginning of 2024, start drilling.

The tunnel construction works are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2026.


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Chinese company will operate boring machine for Canal tunnel


Posted 25/08/2023

The Chinese CRTG company and the HPH Joint Venture consortium, made up of the companies Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. main contractor of line 3 of Panama Metro, signed an agreement for the execution of the tunnel boring machine during the construction phase. According to Panama Metro, the track includes an underground section with an approximate length of 5.3 kilometers.

The tunnel will be built under the Panama Canal and will be part of Metro Line 3, which is scheduled to open in 2026.

The signing of the agreement was attended by Cho Quan, vice group general manager of China Railway Tunneling Office, and Kim Young-ho, vice president of modern engineering construction of South Korea and director of the HPH consortium project.

The metro line will run from the Albrook station and will go through Arraiján, Nuevo Chorrillo, and will reach Ciudad del Futuro, in the district of Arraiján, with an approximate distance of 26.7 kilometers. In addition, the project includes 14 stations.

According to Panama Metro, HPH Joint Venture has the power to select any subcontractor and it is up to them to verify that said company meets the minimum conditions of experience and economic capacity for the tasks entrusted.

The contractor, in order to carry out the work, will need to subcontract personnel, equipment, materials, and all kinds of inputs for the execution of the underground section.


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