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We just paid a visit to El Guapo, a local outfit in Volcancito that produces fruit liquers and mermalades. They have a killer coffee liquer (also maracunya and limoncello, maybe others by the time you read this), and many local flavors of mermalade (zarzamora, pina, guanabana, maranon, lemon/carrot/orange, papaya...). their products are carried at Retrogusto, Pomodoro, and several other places around town, but if you want the best prices and selection you'll want to visit their factory up in the hills.

It's not easy to find. We missed them on our first attempt last week. They have a website (http://www.elguapodeboquete.com), but the map on the website is completely inaccurate. Take the Volcancito road up past Santa Lucia (but not as far as La Estancia) until you see the newish, orangish and white chapel on the right side. Turn right onto the road at the chapel (a school is on the opposite corner) and drive to the third gravel drive/road on the left. Turn here and go past two houses on the right. The third building on the right is their new factory (white) followed by their home (also white). A big greenhouse is across the street on the left.

Probably best to call the owner (DEBORA AMATO  6279-3930) before coming to make arrangements.

They also have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/El-Guapo-Licor-Y-Mermeladas-721442204648577/ with lots of pictures.

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