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When the new Bqt-David highway was built, a new power pole was installed on the property line at the end of our driveway.  The new pole is also 8' from the still-present, never removed, old power pole, which is also 8' into our entrance.  For years i requested it be removed every time i paid a power bill and finally received a reply that removal would have to be at our expense, but would happen asa we deposited $1770 to a Naturgy acct.  The pole is a danger.  It's position requires cars turning into the narrow driveway to slow down to the turning speed before getting off the highway.  The turn can't be made from the shoulder, so, worse yet, if a driver doesn't turn sufficiently sharp the first try, they have to back into oncoming traffic to make a second attempt.  I don't believe we own this pole or responsibility for it.  It is Naturgy's pole, they installed both of them, one is a hazzard, and they haven't completely disconnected from it.  All the wires are attached to the new pole, but a few are also still attached to the old one.  Naturgy has steadfastly refused to make the effort to get it out of our driveway.  I took a complaint to our corregiduria about 3 years ago.  She looked at the picture and said "oh, they just didn't remove it."  I thought that put us on the same page but we never heard from her or hers, since.  Any idea what could help get this pole removed?

off-forum please:)  lapalmarosa@gmail.com 

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