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A New Restaurante in Boquete - La Barra Del Cuzco

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A small group of us expats had our first dining experience at a new Peruvian restaurant that has opened in Boquete. La Barra del Cuzco opened at the end of July on the side street where Isabella's is located. Previously that venue was a private residence, but then converted into commercial purposes about twenty years ago. The original Papa Rico's was located there. Most recently I recall the name of the eatery was Restaurante Las Orquideas. Now it is La Barra del Cuzco.

The ambiance was inviting, and the staff attentive. Two of us had a chicken with yellow chili sauce entrée, which included white rice. Two others had what was labelled salted loin. The waitress promptly delivered our drinks. There is no hard liquor, but beer, sodas, fruit drinks (batidos de fresas, etc.) and bottled water are available. We were pleasantly surprised to be provided some plantain appetizers, which were tasty. Entrée serving sizes were quite large, which led to some "para llevar" boxes; no problem there. Entrée costs were typically $12 to $16, not including drinks.

Besides interacting with our waitress, we also met the owner, Robert Dunkley, who answered our questions about the background of his new restaurant. Both the waitress and the owner were very competent with English. Credit cards and cash accepted; receipts provided without requesting such. None of us asked for or about a jubliado discount, so I cannot comment on that topic. There were no other dining customers during our stay of approximately 45 minutes, but two gentlemen did stop by for about fifteen minutes for beer drinks only. Low noise level so our table conversation was unimpeded.

Overall it was a pleasant dining experience and we likely will return.

I asked and was told about their operating hours, but I simply do not remember the details.

Contact Information: labarradelcuzco@gmail.com

Here are some of the pictures we took.


The Main Street Side Sign



Robert Dunkley, the Owner, Outside the Restaurante



Some of the Interior Décor



More of the Interior Décor



The Chicken Entrée With Yellow Sauce, and White Rice



The Salted Loin Entrée, With Rice and Plantains

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