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Health Clinic inspections detect 'irregularities'

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This article is in today's LaPrensa. Translation by freetranslation.

The Ministry of Health (MINSA) inspected recently, 30 private clinics and laboratories in the province of Chiriqui, where a considerable number had irregularities.

Luis Carlos Bravo, of the Department of Environmental Sanitation of the MINSA, mentioned that were found with staff not ideal, lack of pest control, bad management of hazardous wastes and inadequate facilities, among other aspects.

Bravo did not specify the amount of clinics where they found these anomalies; limited himself to say that this was in the great "majority" of the clinics.

The official said that they made a call of attention to the clinics that were visited and which do not comply with health regulations.

"This is the first stage, the so-called care; if then continue with the irregularities we will proceed with a fine not exceeding the 500 dollars," he added.

In case you do not have suitable staff, you will then go to the judicial, he said.

Bravo detailed that inspections will continue in private clinics, laboratories and veterinary; i.e., any establishment that has to have a suitability given by the Technical Council of Health. - See more at: http://www.prensa.com/provincias/Chiriqui-Detectan-irregularidades-clinicas_0_4429057162.html#sthash.zPS11LgD.dpuf

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