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Three of us decided to try Mister Angus Restaurant, which is located in Bajo Boquete. Actually, the "restaurant" is a rather huge red truck parked on the backside of a large lot, one street west of the Avenida Principal.  There is a covered area in front of the truck. I think there were five or six tables, all on a rock base "ground/floor".

We went there with steak on our minds, and so did not completely review their menu. There is no printed menu, nor a chalkboard, etc. The menu is on the owner's cell phone, which I found a bit awkward, but given that we were there for steaks it made things easy. Both parties ordered rib-eyes, with french fries, and a salad. Marcelyn and I typically order one entree and split it; that was not a problem for the management. We then sat down, but were called back about two minutes later due to the fact that they had only one rib-eye, but with the suggestion of their "tomahawk" steak. We had never heard of a tomahawk steak before, but management explained that it is slightly bigger than the rib-eye, bone-in, same quality, same price. Both steaks were to be cooked 3/4 (medium well).

We have no idea what other main entrees are available at Mister Angus. Nor do we know if there are desserts or appetizers. Presumably not, but not sure.

Another minute or two and our drinks were delivered to our table. There are no alcoholic beverages, and so we had one orange drink and two Coca-Colas (all served from aluminum cans), with glasses filled with ice. Eating utensils and napkins, etc., were also delivered to our table.

Our two entrees were soon delivered on black stone tablets (plates) that had been heated, with words of caution about being careful. Nice touch. The rib-eye was cooked as desired, and tasty, although as domestic beef it was, as expected, a bit tough, but not like shoe leather.

Price-wise the steaks each were $17.00. By the time we added the drinks our bill was $40.25. We included a tip in Martinelli's. Cash only, no cards, etc.

Overall it was a very good meal, good service, etc.  We likely will go back.

If there have to be complaints, there would be two, but not serious flaws. First is that the servings are HUGE. We ended up taking away two doggie bags. Also, $17.00 is not a bad price for a steak, but it is on the high side by our standards. Given that there easily are multiple servings from each order then the price is more reasonable.

We intended to take pictures of the facility and the food, but we were so hungry that we dove into the food before remembering to take pictures. Please forgive the poor photography style of showing you partially consumed plates of food.

First is the big red truck.


Next is the rib-eye steak plate. Note the large cuts of beef (that is one entree, not two).


Next is the tomahawk steak plate, and notice the huge bone, which will make a dog (or three) quite happy. Again a single entree, not two.


Next is the salad, which was huge - more than three people could eat.


And finally the french fries (quite tasty) and the mashed potatoes, and salsas, etc.



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