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A Way to Help Will Wolff with Hospital Bills

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I received a message about Will Wolff today, telling about his large medical bills and reduced ability to pay.  You may have received one also.
Along with many of you, we want to help out with a donation.  But I began thinking about a way to donate more and at the same time help other people to donate a little more.
As some of you know, I sell a line of products with the name El Matador because every product kills something.  They include El Matador Colloidal Silver, Boron Supplement, OuchAid colloidal silver gel, Mold Killer and a few others.  Prices range from $10 to $45.  You can request product information and prices by email to usn11958@gmail.com
From now until Saturday, September 5, 2020, you can donate to Will by purchasing my products.  I will donate 50% of the sale price of each product sold during that period to help Will Wolff.  You can buy things that you really need anyway and know that half of everything you spend is a donation for Will.
Please send your orders or inquiries to usn11958@gmail.com or by text message to WhatsApp 6745-2828.
Bob Gregory
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