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  1. I have known for a long time that colloidal silver is good for both cut flowers and potted plants, but just recently I received a long article with information from scientific studies that show strong differences in cut flowers immersed in colloidal silver. Here is an excerpt from a longer article about this subject. If you would like me to send you the full article, send an email to usn11958@gmail.com with the subject: FLOWERS. In 2014, scientists from the Department of Horticulture at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran tested the hypothesis that silver-treated cut flowers
  2. Below is a list of varied "stuff" that you may want or need more than I do. It sort of seems to just grow in our house! If you have interest in one or more items on the list, you can send an email to usn11958@gmail.com to see if it is still available and to have me send directions to our house in Alto Boquete. I can send them by email or by WhatsApp. If you're planning to buy small stuff, try to bring some small bills or Balboa coins to make the transaction smoother and faster. I may find more "stuff" to add into the sale, so ask when you come. If I find a lot, I'll post anot
  3. Magnificent Antique Silver Plated Religious Art Piece Silver plated Last Supper (Ulltima Cena de Jesus) after the painting by Leonardo da Vinci. The scene, itself, is approximately 13 inches by 25 inches. It has deep relief and is mounted in a silverplated frame with dimensions of 24 inches by 34 inches. Several more or less similar but smaller pieces can be found on eBay, but there is only one that is very close in design and size to the one I have, including the silverplated frame. It is priced $1,299.95 plus $71 for shipping. It is for sale by an antique
  4. Hi, I received a message about Will Wolff today, telling about his large medical bills and reduced ability to pay. You may have received one also. Along with many of you, we want to help out with a donation. But I began thinking about a way to donate more and at the same time help other people to donate a little more. As some of you know, I sell a line of products with the name El Matador because every product kills something. They include El Matador Colloidal Silver, Boron Supplement, OuchAid colloidal silver gel, Mold Killer and a few others. Prices range fr
  5. I am sending this out as a public service announcement. Most of us want to be reasonably healthy so that we can enjoy our lives and extend them through that "ripe old age" we all aspire to. These are my thoughts on how to do that. Doctors and hospitals kill people? Yes, there have been reports that people were being intentionally (or apparently intentionally) killed in Elmhurst Hospital in Brooklyn during the COVID-19 virus scare, but that is not what I am talking about here. According to a 2004 report author
  6. The El Matador Review The rainy season here has returned---with a vengeance. Rains in May and so far in June have been both heavier and more frequent. That's because of something called the Central America Gyre, a weather feature that can occur with changing seasons, leaving a low pressure system loitering over our area and dumping a lot of rain, often enough to cause flooding. One personal effect of this for most of us is more mold on furniture, rugs, draperies, shoes, leather jackets, coats, hats, etc. Preventive treatment with El Matador Mold Killer can save p
  7. We are in a position of being unable to ignore the fact and the threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus. But it need not be the all-consuming central focus of our lives. The subject is difficult to avoid on television, but I am able to go out to my workshop and spend quiet time straightening things and sorting nuts, bolts, screws and other hardware. Our dog is unaware of the virus problem and is still excited about hunting and retrieving his toys. There are meals to prepare and dishes to wash. Life goes on, but with fewer places to go. Though we don't need to constantly think about
  8. The Health Ministry is ordering the closure of all restaurants, etc. An informal translation of the communique follows: QUOTE The Ministry due to the national emergency orders the temporary closure of commercial establishments throughout the country, excepting supermarkets, pharmacies, medical centers and establishments for the sale of health products, fuel, and food. This applies to commercial centers. Pertaining to restaurants, service to the public by inside seating is suspended.The sale of food prepared for local consumption will be allowed, exclusively for take away or home del
  9. NO MORE FLIGHTS....only humanitarian and supplies are allowed off planes here in Panama starting noon tomorrow “A partir de este 16 de marzo a las 11:59 pm, se restringe el ingreso al país de personas no nacionales y no residentes en Panamá. Todo panameño o extranjero residente en Panamá tendrá aislamiento preventivo obligatorio en su domicilio por 14 días.”
  10. The US government has a website with extensive information about all aspects of the coronavirus problem. It contains updated statistical information and guidelines for individuals, law enforcement, health care institutions and others. You can find it at coronavirus.gov.
  11. Coronavirus information from a Chinese-American lady. Someone sent this to me. I have not verified it, but it seems reasonable and worth passing along. Any reasonable advice should be welcomed these days! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This information comes from Sheila Gee’s contacts in China. Sheila is a full-blooded Chinese American, who worked for years in the Los Angeles school system. She is a remarkable common-sense and caring lady. I do not discount the following advice she passes on here: “My uncle grad
  12. Here are the Chinese figures for coronavirus deaths by age group. This tends to be an argument against the "weaponized virus" theory, since such a weapon would probably target people of military age.
  13. The seal on the news item above appears to say "Costa Rica" and does not appear to be a news item from Panama. Apparently, so far there has been no report of cases in Panama. This is a bit like being in Tennessee and learning that there are five cases in Kentucky, a hundred or two hundred miles away.
  14. Keith, this is not a way to promote my product. It is a legitimate announcement of information about the current coronavirus situation. Should the fact that I happen to spend a lot of my time studying alternative medicine and that I happen to make colloidal silver be a reason NOT to provide information that will help people protect themselves from infection or treat such an infection should they get one? I also recommended Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Garlic, none of which I sell. Is it okay to recommend them and NOT colloidal silver, even though it is very good at killing viruses?.
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