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  1. I have known for a long time that colloidal silver is good for both cut flowers and potted plants, but just recently I received a long article with information from scientific studies that show strong differences in cut flowers immersed in colloidal silver. Here is an excerpt from a longer article about this subject. If you would like me to send you the full article, send an email to usn11958@gmail.com with the subject: FLOWERS. In 2014, scientists from the Department of Horticulture at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran tested the hypothesis that silver-treated cut flowers in a vase would last up to twice as long as untreated cut flowers in a vase. What they found was that in the untreated cut flowers, bacteria rapidly formed in the vase water, and quickly colonized the xylem of the flower, which are the tiny micro-tubular channels in the flower stem (similar to veins, in humans) that bring nutrients and moisture to the flowering head itself. But in the silver-treated flower vases, the bacterial growth was dramatically reduced, and therefore the xylem remained unblocked by bacterial colonization for longer periods of time. This allowed moisture and nutrients to be effectively carried up the stem far longer than in untreated cut flowers. The result was beautiful fresh flowers that lasted up to twice as long as normal. As explained in this August 21, 2014 press release from Inderscience titled "Cut Flowers Last Longer with Silver Nanotechnology": "Once cut and dunked in a vase of water, flowers are susceptible to bacterial growth that shortens the length of time one has to enjoy the blooms. A few silver nanoparticles sprinkled into the water, might be the answer to longer-lasting cut flowers according to research published in the International Journal of Postharvest Technology and Innovation. Once the stems are cut and flowers added to a vase bacteria start to colonize the open ends of the stems and block the channels through which water enters. This is the main cause of a short-lived display even for the most expensive flowers, such as lilies, roses and freesias. Many florists provide a small packet of plant food with their bouquets, but this does nothing to prevent the stems becoming blocked with bacteria. Adding a drop of household bleach is perhaps a useful tip, but not all flower lovers wish to have the odor of bleach in the vase spoiling the scent of their flowers. Now, a team in the Department of Horticulture at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, have tested silver nanoparticles, which are known to have antibacterial activity, in extending the blooming life of cut lilies (Lilium orientalis cv. 'Shocking'). They used suspensions of silver nanoparticles in water at levels of 5, 15, 25, 30 parts per million (ppm) and compared the floral life against controls with untreated vase water. Seyed Hossein Nemati and colleagues found that control blooms gave a bright flora display on average for just under a week. Whereas the lower concentrations of silver nanoparticles extended this period by a couple of days. However, at 35 ppm their blooms were maintained with good color and healthy petals for almost twice as long as the controls (less than 12 days). Analysis of the stems and water revealed that at this concentration of silver nanoparticles bacterial growth was stymied for the longest period compared with controls where bacterial growth began within the first two days." [More information: Nemati, S.H., Esfandiyari, B., Tehranifar, A., Rezaei, A. and Ashrafi, S.J. (2014) "Improvement of Vase Life and Post-harvest Factors of Lilium orientalis Bouquet by Silver Nanoparticles," Notulae Scientia Biologicae.] I make and sell colloidal silver in 10-15 ppm concentration and can produce it in 30 or 35 ppm concentration for anyone who wants to keeps some around for use with cut flowers. Though the cost is significant, it should be possible to save the water and use it two or three times. Send inquiries to usn11958@gmail.com Also, you could make a simple rig for making colloidal silver, using some nine-volt batteries. It would not be good enough for medical use but would work fine for use with flowers. Contact me if you would like information about this.
  2. Below is a list of varied "stuff" that you may want or need more than I do. It sort of seems to just grow in our house! If you have interest in one or more items on the list, you can send an email to usn11958@gmail.com to see if it is still available and to have me send directions to our house in Alto Boquete. I can send them by email or by WhatsApp. If you're planning to buy small stuff, try to bring some small bills or Balboa coins to make the transaction smoother and faster. I may find more "stuff" to add into the sale, so ask when you come. If I find a lot, I'll post another ad. Now, here's the list: KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP (Yum!!) Big 60-ounce jars $5.00 each SPANISH LANGUAGE LEARNING MATERIALS Fourth grade mathematics book in Spanish – $1 Spanish Visual and Link CD set, brand new – $5 Spanish Made Simple (2 copies) – $1 Spanish for Gringos, Level 2 – $3 Spanish in 10 Minuter a Day, workbook - $1 Subliminal Spanish kit, new with CD – $10 Complete book of spanish, Grades 1 – 3 – $5 Spanish Now, level 1, textbook/workbook – $5 Everest Spanish Dictionary (only Spanish) -- $1 Handy English-Spanish Dictionary – $1 U. of Chicago English-Spanish Dictionary – $1 Teach Yourself Spanish kit with 2 CD's – $5 Berlitz Spanish Premier 8 CD set – $10 Teach Yourself Spanish (book only) – $3 HIT English-Spanish dictionary – $2 Picture Dictionary – beginners w/internet – $5 Illustrated School Dictionary – $1 Subliminal Spanish – 3 CD's – $2 SELFIE STICK – brand new in box. Has folding tripod base and wireless shutter release. Works with Android or iPhone. Less than 8 inches long when closed. $12.00 POWERFUL GREEN LASER – 5mw, 532 nanometers. Range 2 to 5 kilometers. Brand new in box with rechargeable lithium battery and charger. Lecture pointer, target designator, Tyndall effect or other uses. $15.00 HYDROCORTISONE CREAM – 1-ounce tube. Made in USA. Expires June 2023. Local product half this size is $8.00 FOUR AVAILABLE $5.00 each MINI DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA. Brand new in box. AVI color format 1080P resolution. Image ratio 4:3. Built-in rechargeable battery. Tiny size. Records audio. Motion Detector activation Very sophisticated circuitry with many controls. One mount to clip on clothing as body cam. One mount for use on desk or other surface. Uses micro SD up to 32 GB. With cable and instructions. $12.00
  3. Magnificent Antique Silver Plated Religious Art Piece Silver plated Last Supper (Ulltima Cena de Jesus) after the painting by Leonardo da Vinci. The scene, itself, is approximately 13 inches by 25 inches. It has deep relief and is mounted in a silverplated frame with dimensions of 24 inches by 34 inches. Several more or less similar but smaller pieces can be found on eBay, but there is only one that is very close in design and size to the one I have, including the silverplated frame. It is priced $1,299.95 plus $71 for shipping. It is for sale by an antique dealer in New Jersey. The eBay ad says these things, and they are also applicable to the piece that I have: Absolutely gorgeous vintage piece here. Handcrafted, delicate and ever so ornate, this 3-Dimensional, metal relief art features the Last Supper, as Jesus and his apostles gather before the ultimate sacrifice. The Latin phrase, "amen dico vobis quia unus vestrum me traditurus est" appears on the piece. Translation: "Amen, I say to you, that one of you will betray me." This is very old, and it is a handcrafted piece, some of which is intricately layered metal. It is not prefabricated. Therefore, there are imperfections. This would make a fine addition and centerpiece for your religious decor. Just below is a photo of the piece that I have for sale. Below it at the bottom is a picture of the one on eBay for $1,299.95. You can buy the one I have for $300 and own a classic, very collectible treasure. Call Bob Gregory at 6745-2828 (also WhatsApp) or send an email to usn11958@gmail.com.
  4. Hi, I received a message about Will Wolff today, telling about his large medical bills and reduced ability to pay. You may have received one also. Along with many of you, we want to help out with a donation. But I began thinking about a way to donate more and at the same time help other people to donate a little more. As some of you know, I sell a line of products with the name El Matador because every product kills something. They include El Matador Colloidal Silver, Boron Supplement, OuchAid colloidal silver gel, Mold Killer and a few others. Prices range from $10 to $45. You can request product information and prices by email to usn11958@gmail.com From now until Saturday, September 5, 2020, you can donate to Will by purchasing my products. I will donate 50% of the sale price of each product sold during that period to help Will Wolff. You can buy things that you really need anyway and know that half of everything you spend is a donation for Will. Please send your orders or inquiries to usn11958@gmail.com or by text message to WhatsApp 6745-2828. Bob Gregory THANKS FOR SUPPORTING WILL WOLFF!
  5. I am sending this out as a public service announcement. Most of us want to be reasonably healthy so that we can enjoy our lives and extend them through that "ripe old age" we all aspire to. These are my thoughts on how to do that. Doctors and hospitals kill people? Yes, there have been reports that people were being intentionally (or apparently intentionally) killed in Elmhurst Hospital in Brooklyn during the COVID-19 virus scare, but that is not what I am talking about here. According to a 2004 report authored by multiple medical doctors (entitled “Death by Medicine”), the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine in the US is an astounding 783,936 per year. You can read the article and the report, itself, at the link in the paragraph above. I believe that there is a place for doctors and hospitals, mostly in the areas of health maintenance, traumatic injuries and a few other areas. It is a choice for every individual to make. Unfortunately, most doctors are trained to believe that treatment with pharmaceutical drugs and with knives and saws are the best approaches to treatment when actually, they should be last resorts. I am now eighty-six years old and moderately decrepit but otherwise in rather good health. I have never had a broken bone and never had an operation inside my body. I have visited doctors maybe four or five times in the nearly twelve years we have lived in Boquete. I take no prescription medications. I do, however, take colloidal silver to strengthen my immune system and boron supplement to keep my bones strong. I also take a variety of carefully selected vitamins and supplements to maintain the health of my brain and body. I need to clearly say that I am not a doctor. I have a degree in biology and one in mathematics. My wife is a registered nurse; that's about as close as I come. But I study a lot about medical and health matters and am willing to talk with you and give suggestions for no charge with the caveat that they are only suggestions that you can follow or not follow. To the extent that I might recommend one or more products that I make and sell myself, this could be considered a form of infomercial. But as with any other recommendations, you can follow or not follow them. I have long followed the principle that I do not help little old ladies cross the street if they don't want to cross the street. Having said all of that, I would like to invite anyone who may have questions about how to maintain his or her health and possibly minimize medical visits and the use of pharmaceutical drugs to contact me and let me know a bit about your situation. Please be aware that one answer you could possibly receive from me is "I don't know." I only operate within the limits of my knowledge and experience, though I am willing to do some limited investigation. If you would like to receive a packet of information about my El Matador products, please mention that when you send an email. I can send it via email or WhatsApp. Feel free to share this post with other people you think may be interested. My email address is usn11958@gmail. com. Please mention CHIRIQUI.LIFE in the subject line. Thanks, Bob Gregory
  6. The El Matador Review The rainy season here has returned---with a vengeance. Rains in May and so far in June have been both heavier and more frequent. That's because of something called the Central America Gyre, a weather feature that can occur with changing seasons, leaving a low pressure system loitering over our area and dumping a lot of rain, often enough to cause flooding. One personal effect of this for most of us is more mold on furniture, rugs, draperies, shoes, leather jackets, coats, hats, etc. Preventive treatment with El Matador Mold Killer can save problems for you later. If you already are seeing mold, clean it off with a damp cloth and treat with the Mold Killer. El Matador products are mostly about your health, even the Mold Killer, because it kills and prevents mold in your home, reducing allergies and infections. El Matador Colloidal Silver can kill infections as well or better than antibiotics, but in a different way. It can kill bacteria, and, unlike antibiotics, not permit the bacteria to become resistant to it. It also kills viruses and fungi, which antibiotics cannot do. If you are ill with a cold, influenza or any viral or bacterial infection, two ounces per day for two days, followed by two tablespoons per day if symptoms persist will generally bring you back to good health. Prevention is even better than curing, and two teaspoons of El Matador Colloidal Silver per day will strengthen your immunity to many different kinds of infections so that you wil not be likely to become ill. You can also use El Matador Colloidal Silver on cuts, scrapes and, especially, burns. Keep some in your medicine cabinet. A handy adjunct to liquid El Matador Colloidal Silver is El Matador Ouch-Aid topical gel. It is made with stronger colloidal silver for topical use only, and it stays where you put it. It's great for cuts, scrapes, burns and for accelerating healing of all kinds, even after operations. El Matador Boron Supplement will strengthen your bones, prevent arthritis and osteoporosis and treat arthritis or osteoporosis if you already have them. It can also be used to treat internal candida infections. It that were not enough, it also helps balance both male and female hormones. A preventive dose is 3 teaspoons per day, and a treatment dose is six teaspoons per day. Other dosages apply for treating candida. With adjusted dosages, these products can also be very helpful for your pets. I also have available El Matador Pup-Fresh to make your dog smell better between baths and Nitenpyram capsules to kill fleas in 30 minutes with just one dose. I have a number of expat and Panamanian customers who regularly use these products and who may be willing to tell you about their experiences with them if you're interested. With the Tuesday market not currently in operation, most folks are coming to my house to pick up products. With email and WhatsApp texts, it's easy to coordinate a visit. For anyone who is interested, I can send a packet of information by email. There are prices and descriptions of the products and also documents that explain how to use them. One document is a 45-page Colloidal Silver Manual. If you would like this packet of information, please send your email address or WhatsApp number to usn11958@gmail.com. Use the subject line “El Matador.” Thanks, Bob Gregory
  7. We are in a position of being unable to ignore the fact and the threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus. But it need not be the all-consuming central focus of our lives. The subject is difficult to avoid on television, but I am able to go out to my workshop and spend quiet time straightening things and sorting nuts, bolts, screws and other hardware. Our dog is unaware of the virus problem and is still excited about hunting and retrieving his toys. There are meals to prepare and dishes to wash. Life goes on, but with fewer places to go. Though we don't need to constantly think about the virus problem, we remain aware of the need to take extra precautions, wash hands regularly and well and, when going out, to be aware of the need to wear gloves or sanitize doorknobs and various handles, such as handles of shopping carts. If we do these things well and limit or stop visits in our homes, we should be able to maintain a good defense against infection from the virus. However, as we all know, perfection is very difficult to achieve. What if you don't remember to remove your gloves before touching your own doorknob? What if you need to ride in a taxi or to give someone a ride in your car? What if someone you're sure is "clean" visits in your home but later realizes that he or she has been exposed? Sanitizing will become the order of the day. See the information below. Ozone gas has been proven to kill the SARS coronavirus, and since the structure of the new COVID-19 coronavirus is almost identical to that of the SARS coronavirus, it is relatively safe to say that it will also work on the new coronavirus, though it must be noted that there are no studies to date except one that is currently ongoing in China at the Institute of Virology in Hubei with regard to this. Progress of that study has shown that it works, and the study should be concluded by the end of this week and officially published in the journal Virology. There are more than 17 scientific studies that show Ozone gas is able to destroy the SARS coronavirus. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas created from oxygen atoms. The oxygen molecule is made up of 2 oxygen atoms. These oxygen molecules are broken into atoms by the corona discharge during lightning storms or by UV light from the Sun. Single oxygen atoms cannot exist alone without regrouping back into di-atomic oxygen molecules. During this recombination stage some atoms will regroup into loosely bonded tri-atomic oxygen. This new molecule is called Ozone or O3. Ozone generators are able to make ozone from normal air and are commonly used as room disinfectants. The antipathogenic effects of ozone have been substantiated for several decades. It can spread to contact everything in a house. Its killing action upon bacteria, viruses, fungi, and for many species of protozoa, serves as the basis for its increasing use in disinfecting municipal water supplies in cities worldwide. Typically, viruses are small, independent particles, built of crystals and macromolecules. Unlike bacteria, they multiply only within the host cell. Ozone destroys viruses by diffusing through the protein coat into the nucleic acid core, resulting in damage of the viral RNA. At higher concentrations, ozone destroys the capsid or exterior protein shell by oxidation. Numerous families of viruses including poliovirus I and 2, human rotavruses, Norwalk virus, Parvoviruses, and Hepatitis A, B and non-A non-B are among many others that are susceptible to the virucidal actions of ozone. Most research efforts on ozone's virucidal effects have centered upon ozone's propensity to break apart lipid molecules at sites of multiple bond configuration. Indeed, once the lipid envelope of the virus is fragmented, its DNA or RNA core cannot survive. Non-enveloped viruses (Adenoviridae, Picornaviridae, namely poliovirus, Coxsachie, Echovirus, Rhinovirus, Hepatitis A and E, and Reoviridae (Rotavirus), have also begun to be studied. Viruses that do not have an envelope are called "naked viruses." They are constituted of a nucleic acid core (made of DNA or RNA) and a nucleic acid coat, or capsid, made of protein. Ozone, however, aside from its well-recognized action upon unsaturated lipids, can also interact with certain proteins and their constituents, namely amino acids. Indeed, when ozone comes in contact with capsid proteins, protein hydroxides and and protein hydroperoxides are formed. Viruses have no protections against oxidative stress. The enveloped viruses are usually more sensitive to physico-chemical challenges than are naked virions. Although ozone's effects upon unsaturated lipids is one of its best-documented biochemical actions, ozone is known to interact with proteins, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids. The new coronavirus is an enveloped virus. If you have an air freshening ozone machine such as an Alpine brand or similar brand, I suggest that you keep it operating in your home a lot of the time while limiting open windows. Just now, we are all properly taking serious precautions, and there seem to be few people in our area who are infected. That may or may not change. If you should know or have a strong reason to believe that an infected person has been inside your home (or car), and you want to sanitize with ozone, give me a call at 6745-2828 or send a WhatsApp message. The house would need to have all windows and doors closed, with no people, pets or house plants inside for four to six hours, depending on the size of the house. Incidentally, at the same time, the ozone would kill any mold and mold odors that may be in the house. Please understand that this is not crass commercialism or a big sales pitch. I provide scientific information, and you decide what to do. I have a high-output ozone machine usually used for controlling mold, mold odors, smoke odors and other odors. It happens that it is also effective against viruses, and I would not want to withhold that information or the machine's availability from anyone who should need it. The same is true of the use of colloidal silver to keep the immune system strong or to treat an infection. It is known that colloidal silver can kill more than 650 different bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is known to kill the SARS Coronavirus. If you would like more information by email, send a message to usn11958@gmail.com with the subject El Matador.
  8. The Health Ministry is ordering the closure of all restaurants, etc. An informal translation of the communique follows: QUOTE The Ministry due to the national emergency orders the temporary closure of commercial establishments throughout the country, excepting supermarkets, pharmacies, medical centers and establishments for the sale of health products, fuel, and food. This applies to commercial centers. Pertaining to restaurants, service to the public by inside seating is suspended.The sale of food prepared for local consumption will be allowed, exclusively for take away or home delivery. For access to establishments whose opening is allowed, the public is encouraged to use masks. In addition, access to beaches, rivers, swimming pools and public spas is prohibited. The Ministry of Health, in coordination with the State security departments, is empowered to carry out sanitary closures throughout the territory. Surveillance includes entry to commercial and non-commercial establishments, which includes hotels, casinos, restaurants, as well as playgrounds that operate inside and outside restaurants or private residential complexes. It is prohibited for supermarkets to have more than fifty people inside. Mechanisms should be established so that users form a line outside the establishment, keeping a distance of not less than one meter between each client.
  9. NO MORE FLIGHTS....only humanitarian and supplies are allowed off planes here in Panama starting noon tomorrow “A partir de este 16 de marzo a las 11:59 pm, se restringe el ingreso al país de personas no nacionales y no residentes en Panamá. Todo panameño o extranjero residente en Panamá tendrá aislamiento preventivo obligatorio en su domicilio por 14 días.” twitter.com Nito Cortizo on Twitter “A partir de este 16 de marzo a las 11:59 pm, se restringe el ingreso al país de personas no nacionales y no residentes en Panamá. Todo panameño o extranjero residente en Panamá tendrá aislamiento preventivo obligatorio en su domicilio por 14 días.” “A partir de este 16 de marzo a las 11:59 pm, se restringe el ingreso al país de personas no nacionales y no residentes en Panamá. Todo panameño o extranjero residente en Panamá tendrá aislamiento preventivo obligatorio en su domicilio por 14 días.”
  10. The US government has a website with extensive information about all aspects of the coronavirus problem. It contains updated statistical information and guidelines for individuals, law enforcement, health care institutions and others. You can find it at coronavirus.gov.
  11. Coronavirus information from a Chinese-American lady. Someone sent this to me. I have not verified it, but it seems reasonable and worth passing along. Any reasonable advice should be welcomed these days! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This information comes from Sheila Gee’s contacts in China. Sheila is a full-blooded Chinese American, who worked for years in the Los Angeles school system. She is a remarkable common-sense and caring lady. I do not discount the following advice she passes on here: “My uncle graduated with a master's degree and works in Shenzhen Hospital. He is being transferred to study Wuhan pneumonia virus. He just called me and told me to tell my friends: If you have a runny nose and sputum when you have a cold, you cannot have the new type of coronavirus pneumonia because coronavirus pneumonia has a dry cough without runny nose. This is the simplest way to identify. Please tell your friends that if you know more about medical knowledge, you will have more awareness of identification and prevention. This time, the Wuhan virus is not heat-resistant and will be killed at a temperature of 26-27 degrees. Therefore, drink more hot water. You can tell your friends and relatives to drink more hot water to prevent it. Go under the Sun. It has been cold recently, and drinking hot water is also very comfortable. It is not a cure and is good for the body. Drinking warm water is effective for all viruses. Try not to drink ice, remember!” His doctor's advice about coronavirus: 1. “It is pretty large in size (cell is about 400-500nm diameter), so any normal mask (not just the N95 feature) should be able to filter it out. However, when someone who's infected sneezes in front of you, it will take a great 3 meters (about 10 feet) before it drops to the ground and is no longer airborne. 2. When the virus drops on metal surface, it will live for at least 12 hours. So remember if you come in contact with any metal surface, wash your hands with soap thoroughly. 3. The virus can remain active on fabric for 6-12 hours. Normal laundry detergent should kill the virus. For winter clothing that does not require daily washing, you can put it out under the sun to kill the virus. About the symptoms of the pneumonia caused by Coronavirus: 1. It will first infect the throat, so the throat will have the dry sore throat feeling which will last for 3 to 4 days 2. Then the virus will blend into the nasal fluid and drips into the trachea and enter the lungs, causing pneumonia. This process will take 5 to 6 days. 3. With pneumonia, comes high fever and difficulty in breathing. The nasal congestion is not like the normal kind. You will feel like you are drowning in water. It's important to go seek immediate medical attention if you feel like this. About prevention: 1. The most common way of getting infected is by touching things in public, so you must wash your hands frequently. The virus can only live on your hands for 5-10 mins, but a lot can happen in those 5-10 mins (you can rub your eyes or pick your nose unwittingly). 2. Aside from washing your hands frequently, you can gargle with Betadine Sore Throat Gargle to eliminate or minimize the germs while they are still in your throat (before dripping down to your lungs). Folks, take extra care and drink plenty of water.”
  12. Here are the Chinese figures for coronavirus deaths by age group. This tends to be an argument against the "weaponized virus" theory, since such a weapon would probably target people of military age.
  13. The seal on the news item above appears to say "Costa Rica" and does not appear to be a news item from Panama. Apparently, so far there has been no report of cases in Panama. This is a bit like being in Tennessee and learning that there are five cases in Kentucky, a hundred or two hundred miles away.
  14. Keith, this is not a way to promote my product. It is a legitimate announcement of information about the current coronavirus situation. Should the fact that I happen to spend a lot of my time studying alternative medicine and that I happen to make colloidal silver be a reason NOT to provide information that will help people protect themselves from infection or treat such an infection should they get one? I also recommended Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Garlic, none of which I sell. Is it okay to recommend them and NOT colloidal silver, even though it is very good at killing viruses?. I pointed out that I did not write the article. The guy who did write it makes and sells colloidal silver generators. But he is completely sold out of them, and the article is not there to sell colloidal silver generators but to help people. Can you not understand such things? By the way, for general information, and I have not independently confirmed it, this evening I received the following news item:
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