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Klepper Aerius Classic Folding 2-Person Kayak -- SOLD

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For over 100 years Klepper Folding Kayaks have been hand crafted in Rosenheim, Germany. Klepper America, is the official Representative, Distributor, Service Center and importer of Klepper Folding Kayaks and related products for the United States of America. They advertise the new price of this kayak as $3956.

Klepper Aerius Classic.jpgThis Aerius Classic two-seater kayak was donated to the Boquete Handicap Foundation by a local resident who was moving to Thailand. It is stored in three canvas carrying bags for easy portability. It can be quickly assembled at your watery destination. Because it was improperly stored, there is some damage to the hull as shown in these photos:

1374761266_Klepperhullskin2.jpg.2c8ed5c7fd58a8e32191c1e1af1f4bff.jpg87828501_Klepperhullskin1.jpg.285887db94c561c446ce79e409067c3b.jpgWe believe this damage can be repaired locally. Alternatively, a new skin can be ordered from either Germany or the U.S.The kayak consists of a frame which can be taken apart and a flexible hull that can be folded up. All parts are stored in 3 carrying bags. The frame is made of laminated birch and ash and the individual pieces  are then joined by way of patented fasteners.


963019502_Klepperspecifications.jpg.4479b25f10f8008afd6e1bd092a34751.jpgThe deck portion of the hull is made from specially treated and waterproof  cotton and  the lower portion of the hull is made from Hypalon. The damage to the hull skin is mostly on the inside (cockpit area) where metal grommets during the long storage, possibly under damp conditions, have eaten away a layer of the Hypalon.

The hull has two built in inflatable air sponsons and there are also 4 paddles.
Included is an optional  sail kit that was purchased separately and currently costs over $1000.  The current US purchase price for the two-seater kayak alone is $3956. One of the sails has a hole in it which could be patched by a competent seamstress.
We have determined that all parts for the mast, boom leeboard, crossbar and the 2 leeboards are there. Possibly some sheets (line) or shrouds need replacement.
For a small purchase price and some renovation labor (and maybe some money), the buyer can have a fun toy to throw in the back of his car and take to Boca Chica, Las Lajas, Bocas del Toro, wherever.
All proceeds of this sale go to help fund the many programs of the Boquete Handicap Foundation and we will unconditionally guarantee your purchase for 60 days. We have priced this kayak project at $450. A wonderful buy for the right buyer. Email Penny at pjbarrett@aol.com or text WhatsAp 6510-8934.








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