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El Salto Reported Shooting


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Chiriqui.Life management is not in the habit of commenting on the validity of the information that is posted (in fact, this is the first time to do so), nor do we routinely delete postings (unless requested by the originator). Further, what I write here is NOT intended to disparage the member who posted this topic. Note that he really is asking a question and wanting clarification, not making a statement.

Given the recent history of home invasions in the Chiriqui highlands area, we have done a fair amount of research on this topic. We can find nothing to verify that a new security incident has occurred. The most recent in the El Salto area was the January 8th assault on Richard Moore, which has been well documented and commented on.

Unless additional documentation comes to the fore, we recommend that you consider this one-off report from "Noticias Chiriqui" (which we believe is a Facebook account) NOT to be valid information. If you have information to the contrary, please post -- with specifics from reliable sources.

And to Pantah, thank you for posting in this more appropriate forum of Idle Chatter, rather than the Security forum.

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Well stated Bud. I asked a Panamena shop owner about this and she said it was uphill near the Baru entrada and road to Volcancito intersection, which puts it much closer to the Moore residence. Still hearsay though. Like you, (and the other readers) I need more confirmation. Probably not many english speakers in the area, so info for us might be limited.

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A relative of the victim confirmed that this incident in fact, did take place. His brother-in-law was shot by masked assailants when he couldn't come up with more than $300. The Police were called but did not appear.

The location is correct as stated by Pantah. There is a small community around the intersection of upper Volcancito Road and the old road to Palmira Arriba.


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