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2058044086_Bosefront.jpg.fe6248287196d731d642f9211692e974.jpg71458590_Boseback.jpg.bc8e230100fe70cab408110e8952a85a.jpgBring great Bose sound to any room in your home. The Bose Lifestyle® SA-3 amplifier lets you quickly and easily expand a Lifestyle® home theater system into a multi-room/multi-source system. That means you can enjoy surround sound in your home theater room while other family members tap into the music-playing features of your Lifestyle® system in other rooms, or even outdoors.

The Lifestyle® SA-3 amplifier is the most powerful stereo amplifier Bose offers. With 100 watts per channel, it can drive any pair of high-performance Bose speakers you choose. The Lifestyle® SA-3 amplifier also offers patented Bose signal processing circuitry that automatically adjusts tonal balance as you change volume, guaranteeing that you'll enjoy warm, full-bodied stereo sound at any listening level.

Like all Bose products, the Lifestyle® SA-3 amplifier not only delivers great sound, but also offers simple, streamlined operation. The included Bose link cable is all you'll need to connect the amplifier to your main Lifestyle® system. An expansion remote (sold separately for $16.71 on Ebay) is necessary to operate the Lifestyle® SA-3 amplifier — this also gives you easy control of your Lifestyle® system from afar.

The Lifestyle® SA-3 amplifier also offers an auxiliary input that lets you hook up an additional piece of A/V gear located in the same room, such as a CD player, a portable audio device, or a TV. An auto-sensing feature allows the amplifier to switch to this local source whenever you turn on the connected component.

This amplifier is small and sleek enough to be easily concealed on the floor, tucked away on a shelf, or mounted to a wall. It also includes an expansion output that lets you "daisy-chain" multiple Lifestyle® SA-3 amplifiers for audio in up to 14 additional rooms.


Available used from Amazon.com from $135 to $185 (plus shipping). The Boquete Handicap Foundation will unconditionally guarantee this amplifier for 60 days. We have priced it to sell quickly for $65 (no shipping). Email Penny at pjbarrett@aol.com or WhatsAp her at 6510-8934 5o purchase.

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