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Update from BCP

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We hope you are staying safe and finding fun ways to spend your time in quarantine.  This a difficult period worldwide, but we hope you and your loved ones are maintaining safe social distances and are healthy, even if a bit bored!

Here at BCP, we are also maintaining our social distance, which makes it a bit challenging to finalize plans to relocate effective July 1.  We continue to scope out possibilities, discuss options with several possible locations and are busy making plans to move BCP's equipment and belongings to a new location or to storage, as appropriate, once we settle on a new location.  Please be assured that all of BCP's assets will be used again, although some may stay in storage until the need for them arises.   If you have suggestions for a new location or comments you'd like to make, please feel free to send them to info@eventsboquete.org.  We welcome all written suggestions, as we will not be holding any public meetings for the foreseeable future given the current quarantine.

If you are holding tickets for Blithe Spirit, be assured that we WILL be conducting performances as soon as the current restrictions are lifted and the cast and crew can get organized again.  If you have tickets for the shows we were unable to perform, please be assured that we will happily refund the cost of the ticket or provide the opportunity to exchange them for an upcoming performance. 

Hopefully, this pandemic will end soon and we will all be able to enjoy all the benefits of BCP and Boquete again.  In the meantime, stay safe!

BCP Board of Directors

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