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What I see through my nurses eyes

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When I went to nursing school I learned about epidemics, public health and as well isolation techniques for sanitary containment and protection.  What I see now happening is a living example of what I learned in my nursing books.  I taught nursing...so I taught how to do the things every citizen is now asked to learn now...and fast.  Surprisingly enough what I find here in Boquete is an amazing understanding and compliance among citizens. Also what I see with this government and Gorgas Institute ( the virologists, epidemiologists , public health experts on and on...the team) is amazing data collection considering the size of the country and what I though was limited resources. That is HOW epidemics get controlled...data collection and acting on it.  Hot spots are being isolated quickly and as well isolated by sanitary fences ( blockades in an out of hot spots) .  Cases are being identified and separated early then followed by Public Health  nurse monitors and police enforcement.  Then an arrest and a whoppin $50,000.00 - $100,000. fine for violation of quarantine violation  of a COVID positive  home isolated case ! Impressive mandate and seemingly draconian some would say.  Lets see how this rolls out.  We will know in time.  Folks seem to be doing well with all this like a new nursing student...they are passing class.  I like what I am seeing. It's what I learned in school & has to be done to slow  a contagious Pandemic.  I thank God for what I see through my nurse's eyes. . In time, many many folks will be developing their own  immunity with recovery from mild cases...that's the upside .

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