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Happy to be here

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Why?.  I feel protected by the country I live in and love.  I feel encouraged by the smiling eyes I see above the masks they wear.  I am touched by the door guard who would not accept the $ gift I wanted to give to him for his family..."No he said, it is against the rules"  ( I dropped it and hope that got it).  I cry for my Ngobe friends I cant reach because they have no power to charge their phone or money to buy a card.  They have no running water...no tank to store it for when it does not run.  I fall asleep at night praying for them and all my friends here.  When this is over I want to see every face.  I do not want to see one lost to this virus !   Life's short.  Panamanians are a robust caring folk that are genuine givers/helpers.   How very fortunate that I am here with them through this  I cry for all this happening to the people I love, yet I am happy here. 

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