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From a retired nurse: a personal message

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As a retired nurse and educator of nursing, it is basic that you wash your hands when confronted with diseases.   In a pinch a rub of alcohol or sanitizer works (only with a good quantity, well rubbed up to the wrist...not just a cursory spritz).   BUT  THE BEST is the use of running water  using friction.    Here in the region of Boquete there are homes without RUNNING water. ie: this note written to the Mayor here on his Facebook site

buenas trdes es innegable su buen trabajo. pero el problema del agua continua en Villa Boquete ahy viven mis padres y ellos ya son ancianos. no tienen agua hace semanas y ellos viven solos .....Admiran su trabajo votaron por usted

Consider that.  We must be very careful here .  We are in the target zone and this is no longer Kansas.   We live within a population that may not have modalities for hygiene that we expats consider standard......running water. 

Bill and I have placed in an envelope  $ for each Ngobe family we normally help.   Hundred $ each.   I have no doubt they will be getting sick.  They are young and most likely will recover.    When they come to our door we hand them the envelope with our love...then close the door.  That may seem over the top...but ....first, my concern is self protection. 

We went to Cero Punta for bags of veggies.....I have shared that with neighbors.   I will NOT go to a store...period   Not now. Dust must settle here.  Right now we are coming into the ascending curve of the peak in Panama and this country is leaving an open door to Europe as far as I can discern. 

Alison Brundage, RN, Nurse educator retired

One more thing.   Positive cases.   These are those that are now pretty ill.  We must remember that the reported cases are not the TOTAL # of cases.   Young Euro travelers may transit this town and not be showing any symptoms but be contagious....they are walking our streets.     Paranoid?...absolutely, I'm 75 yr old.    Are we insured?  NO.  Apparently in this country, once a world Pandemic notice is issued, insurers are off the hook on paying for care for that disease.  That law is now under review I guess. 

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