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Dell Latitude E6400 Laptop with large disk drive -- SOLD

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1636005861_DellLatitudeE6400.jpg.d72e0223afcfdd7b2deb3b0f5e2ebf65.jpgWell kept popular mid-size Dell Laptop  With its longer-lasting paint finishes and robust metal hinges, the Latitude E6400 is extremely durable.  Big enough to do the job but small enough to fit into a backpack.
  • 14.1" Screen
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • 320 GB Hard Drive
  • 4 GB RAM
  • CD/DVD
  • Intel T9600 Dual Core 2.80 GHz Processor
  • 4 USB2 Ports,
  • VGA Port
  • Apache Open Office

You can buy this computer with a much smaller disk drive on Amazon for $178 plus shipping. The Handicap Foundation has tested this computer and will guarantee it for 30 days. Priced to sell for $200 (no shipping). Email pjbarrett@aol.com or WhatsAp 6510-8934. 


DELL Latitude E6400 Laptop, 14.1" Screen, Windows 10 Pro, 240 GB Solid State Drive (SSD), 4 GB RAM, CD/DVD, Intel T9550 Dual Core 2.66 GHz Processor, 4 USB2 Ports, VGA Port, New Battery, Apache Open Office
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