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Large Alice in Wonderland Coffee Table Book

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Alice.jpg.9b8050e8b718f65b53946d42c975ff3f.jpgLewis Carrol's book is beautifully illustrated by Barry Moser.  The "calculated pandemonium" of the splendidly irrational kingdom of Wonderland is what Barry Moser set out to capture in illustrating the Lewis Carroll classic.In his seventy-five wood engravings, Moser depicts with consummate invention, wit, and skill the quite exceptional inhabitants and sights of Wonderland-the March Hare, the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat's grin-as reviewed through Alice's eyes. The result is startlingly original. (Alice herself, a mischievous tousle-haired brunette, is a far cry from the prim Alice of earlier artists.)

This is a large hard-cover book that appears to be brand new. It would make a lovely present for young or old alike.

This book sells for $34.99 (new) and $26.99 (used) on Amazon.com (plus shipping). The book lady is willing to sell this beautiful, like-new book for $24. You can see it at the book table at the BCP market on Tuesday or you can email pjbarrett@aol.com or WhatsAp her at 6510-8934

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