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Two more dead dogs--and other issues

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 Following are four incidents that happened in just one day, which is not unusual in my life. So much of this suffering can be prevented!

We desperately need a competent veterinarian in this area! So not having one, I'm the person who often gets calls about animals in trouble. 

(1) Yesterday I was notified of a little female dog that had obviously been dumped here, hit by a car, with broken legs and/or spine, couldn't walk, screaming in pain. She was apparently in heat as well, because I was told that males had tried to mount her while she was screaming in pain. No other reasonable choice except to put her down. It wounds my soul every time I have to do something like this, even though it is a kindness to do so and there is no other option to end the suffering.

(2) That same morning, a police woman came to my house. She was distraught because her small unsterilized (but very loved) male dog had gotten an injury to his eye while fighting other males over a female in heat. I am not qualified to address injuries like this; so I asked her to bring her dog to our clinic on February 24th for both neutering and repair of the eye injury. And I explained the necessity of neutering males! (So often when I ask someone if their dog has been sterilized, the reply is, "No, it's a male." More education is necessary!)

(3) Last week my neighbor had contacted me about his dog that has a very distended abdomen. Clay Conn has a dog with the same issue, so he knows how to drain the fluid. He came last week and drained about a gallon of fluid from her abdomen, and then he came again yesterday to do it again. Clay, bless his heart, is willing to do this every week if necessary. (Causes can be one or more of dozens of things, and are very difficult, if not impossible, to diagnose.) No charge to my neighbor or anyone else we help with their animals, of course.

(4) A little later, same day: I had just returned from some errands when Rodrigo told me someone had called him about a little dog trying to give birth--but couldn't. I called Clay and Marukel. They went with us to check the dog. I wouldn't have had a clue about how to help in this situation, but Clay said he might be able to help. But unfortunately, when we arrived the little 20-lb dog had already died. She had no doubt been mounted by one or more huge males and could not give birth to large puppies.

I was really angry about this at first, but then I realized that the people had no idea about the necessity of sterilizing their dogs and cats. So my anger changed to compassion. The dad and two young girls had really loved their little dog and were suffering because of her death. I gave all of them sincere hugs. 

These people said their neighbor's dog had recently had puppies and they wanted to adopt one. I repeated the necessity of spaying a female before 6 months of age (before the first heat) and also to neuter a male before six months of age. That way, they won't be responsible for the births of unwanted, homeless puppies who will suffer horribly. I gave them the file "Benefits of Sterilization" and asked them to give a copy to their neighbor as well.

And the people were surprised to learn that with early neutering of a male, he will likely not lift his leg and pee on everything they don't WANT him to pee on. ("Marking" his territory.) My male dogs that were sterilized at an early age still squat to pee. On the other hand, my males that I rescued when they were adults (and then had neutered), have greatly damaged my iron fence posts--plus a refrigerator that I keep on my porch. They want to pee on everything in sight, and their urine causes oxidation/rust. (I just had to replace my tire rims because the dog pee had ruined the old ones.)

So please...at every opportunity, advise people of the necessity of early spaying/neutering and tell them about our low-cost clinics in Volcan (and those in Boquete) where we have a very competent doctor doing the surgeries.

I also have a very informative file (in Spanish) about the benefits of sterilization of both males and female dogs/cats. Please email me if you want a copy of this document to print and hand out to people. muffiemae at gmail.com

And my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has compassion for animals and makes an effort to end the suffering because of people's cruelty, neglect, or lack of information!

Big hugs,


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